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Space Opera memories

This year, Japan Expo had decided to celebrate Space Opera, an inevitable genre when it comes to manga and anime, which features legendary titles. The festival featured a few of them and we’ve prepared a report with pictures to remind you of everything!

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9 guests, 36 signings, meet & greet’s, and photo sessions, 16 panels, and 3 exhibitions about iconic series were expecting you at the festival to take you away on the paths of Space Opera!

A long journey into the universes of Cobra for the 40th anniversary of this cult manga, of Cowboy Bebop with the exceptional reunion of its creatirs to celebrate the series 20th anniversary, or of STAR BLAZERS 2202 with part of the team of this sequel to the Yamato saga. Let’s go back to space for a while, the time to share our memories and photos!

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