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Shigeru MIYAMOTO, Mario’s creator at Japan Expo

… and also Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and so many more: Japan Expo has the great honor of welcoming a living legend of video game with Shigeru MIYAMOTO, 15th Anniversary Special Guest of the festival!

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14/06/30 - M. Shigeru Miyamoto regrets that he has to cancel his coming

On June 26, Japan Expo and Nintendo France announced the coming of M. Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo to Japan Expo in Paris on Friday, July 4 to take part in a special masterclass.

Yet, M. Shigeru Miyamoto deeply regrets that he has to cancel his trips for last minute personal reasons linked to his father’s failing health. M. Shigeru Miyamoto will not take the trip from Japan to France. M. Shigeru Miyamoto is apologizing to all his fans who wished to attend the masterclass at Japan Expo.

Our hearts go out to M. Shigeru Miyamoto and his family at this difficult time.


Considered the greatest video game designer in the world by his peers, and called “The Spielberg of Video Games” by Time magazine (May 1996), Shigeru MIYAMOTO has worked on more than 100 different Nintendo video games and created licenses such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Wii Fit, Luigi’s Mansion and StarFox. In 2006, Shigeru MIYAMOTO became one of the first video game creators knighted into France’s Order of Arts and Letters.

For its 15th Anniversary, Japan Expo is sharing with you the chance of welcoming him and is waiting for you on Friday, July 4 for an exceptional masterclass, from 2.45 pm to 4.15 pm on the video game stage.

Nice surprise, isn’t it? You want to be there? Leave a comment and click on Daisuki!


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Oh wow, this is amazing news... Can't wait for 4th July now... Thanks!
Alors là, autant sur d'autres conférences j'avais pas de chance et ça se superposait, autant là j'ai rien dans l'agenda, c'est trop cooool ! Par contre, je pense qu'il va falloir y être dès 14h si on veut une place...
xRKMx, 37 years old
Dommage j'y serais pas. Mais c'est trop cool qu'il vienne !
Manga-chan, 21 years old
Oh la la laaaa !!! Shigeru Miyamoto en personne, le créateur des séries des jeux de l'univers de Mario, les plus grands succès !!! C vraiment un honneur, c unique ! Je veux pas rater ca, j'ai trop hâte s'y etre ! XD Merci !! :-D
Uniquement le vendredi ? Vous êtes sûrs ? T_T je viens que le jeudi et le dimanche T_T
Cassiel, 34 years old
OMG O.O !!!We are coming over from Greece for the first time and this is a major announcement, wow !!! Tears of joy T_T !!!

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