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Retrospective on Leiji MATSUMOTO!

The man who dreamed of being a pilot is now one of the world's best known manga and anime designers. During the conference with the live drawing, Leiji MATSUMOTO looked back on his life and his artistic career.

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Mangaka, anime artist, producer, etc., Leiji MATSUMOTO is one of those artists who have marked several generations with his works. Today, during his conference with live drawing, he recounted his debut with humor, and his first success: a manga still unpublished in France that talked about mycoses.

At the time, his story was so popular with students, that after that he was able to make manga on subjects of his choice, a luxury for a mangaka. He was able to write and draw on his favorite subject: the aerospace, and that's how the characters of Albator, Maetel and Emeraldas were born.

As a great lover of France, he thanked the country for the many sources of inspiration that provides our country, including Marianne who inspired Maetel or the Daft Punk with whom he collaborated.

And you, what is your favorite work of Leiji MATSUMOTO?

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