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Puroresu: let the show begin!

Four top Japanese pro wrestlers in the lucharesu and joshi puroresu styles will be leading the show next July. And if you never get enough adrenaline, let’s give it a try!

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Let's start with two joshi puroresu wrestlers: Yoko Bito and Konami, two world top wrestlers. So Japan Expo will have the pleasure to introduce female pro wrestling for the third time ever.

And to know the names of the others, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer! But we can already tell you that they are two male lucharesu pro wrestlers who will be joining, in their strong and aerial style inspired from Mexican Lucha LibreFollow our news!

You want to experience the feelings of puroresu? Let’s try the initiation classes!

Click here for more about our puroresu guests and the initiation classes


Have you ever tried wrestling? Share what it felt like in the comments!


In partnership with ICWA: www.icwacatch.com

Initiations are organized by INFC: www.infcatch.fr

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