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In a few weeks, we will all meet again at Japan Expo! To plan your visit as well as possible, here is a digest of the latest program announcements! Don't forget to check our news regularly to be informed of the latest announcements!

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  • Pion : PION has a very complete artistic universe as she is in charge of editing and retouching her photos. At Japan Expo she will be an ECG judge, present on a cosplay booth during the 4 days of the festival and will give a masterclass about photography and cosplay!

  • Misaki Mori : This young Japanese girl has formed a group, Totoi Japan, with two other cosplayers. She is also passionate about make-up and the universe of K-Pop Idols, and will give a masterclass at Japan Expo to reveal the secrets of this trend.

  • Taryn : Italian cosplayer known as Taryn, he has worked as a promotional model for big brands. He is passionate about fitness and martial arts but is also a full-time expert cosmaker, creating all his own costumes, accessories and wigs.
  • Gili-Gili / Samuel TRIFOT : Co-founder of the restaurant Gili-Gili, Samuel TRIFOT has chosen, for Japan Expo, to present 3 onigiri recipes, the Japanese "soul food"! Gili-Gili has also published the first cookbook dedicated to Japanese soul food with First Editions !
  • KAMUI Samurai Artist : A troupe whose objective is to promote Japanese samurai culture and art throughout the world. Through choreographies mixing acting and martial arts, they orchestrate thrilling fights! They will also present a show with Mika KOBAYASHI!

  • Mika KOBAYASHI : Singer-songwriter, Mika KOBAYASHI sings on the piano and performs numerous theme songs for anime and video games. The central theme of her original songs is the emotion of women. She is distinguished by the passion and power of her voice!
  • Cancellation of TalyPixie and Futurtech Studio






  • Genshin Impact cosplay contest : Sponsored by Genshin Impact and organized by Japan Expo in partnership with Try Hard Workshop, the visitors will be able to participate or simply enjoy the cosplay contest dedicated to the mobile game Genshin Impact! Cosplayers can try to win one of the 3 prizes!

  • Totoi Japan : Totoi Japan will perform on stage at Japan Expo during a performance mixing dance and cosplay on the theme of the game Genshin Impact. The group Totoi Japan, composed of Yuzuki (Misaki Mori), Nero and Ruruka!

  • Daruma 2022 Awards Ceremony : Relive the best of manga and anime from the past few years with the Daruma! The public and the Selection Committee share their favorites, revealed at the end of the award ceremony at Japan Expo! And this year, the Jury is you! Vote for your favourite works until June 27th included!

  • CoSA : CoSA is a cosplay association. At Japan Expo, its members will perform two cosplay shows on the Ichigo stage! A Gokudols show full of testosterone and skirts which is quite unexpected! Then, they will be able to watch Naoko TAKEUCHI's characters come to life before their eyes during the Sailor V show!






  • Aoi Sora Cosplay : Whether you need some touch-ups on your cosplay or a spot of glue on your accessories, Aoi Sora Cosplay takes care of everything! The association offers the SOS Cosplay© workshop for any cosplay or accessories repair!  

  • 404 Comics / Black River : With a release date of August 25, 2022, the first volume of MUNDUS will be previewed at Japan Expo on the booth of Black River / 404 Comics! The two authors of the book, Laurent Queyssi and Oriol Roig, will be there to talk with you about this great project!

  • Stormy Shot : In order to share their two passions: dance and K-pop, the members of Stormy Shot take over the choreographies of different famous K-pop groups. On their booth at Japan Expo, they propose activities around K-pop and will be present on stage for dance performances!

  • ECG's 10th anniversary exhibition : To celebrate ECG's 10th anniversary, we offer a unique exhibition to discover at Japan Expo! The diversity and beauty of the costumes presented each year at the ECG finals will be (re)discovered thanks to a photo gallery and real costumes
  • Bragelonne / Mangetsu : Bragelonne/Mangetsu will be present at Japan Expo with a booth where you will be able to meet Yuka Nagate, the Japanese manga artist who created the Butterfly Beast manga!
  • Pause Drama : Association for fans of drama and series, their objective is to share this passion to everyone in order to create a strong community. For Japan Expo, Pause Drama has prepared three animations to immerse yourself in the world of drama!

  • Cité internationale de la tapisserie Aubusson x Studio Ghibli The operation entitled "Hayao Miyazaki's imagination in Aubusson tapestry", consists in creating five tapestries from film images selected by the technical team of the Cité and validated by Studio Ghibli. At Japan Expo, you will be able to admire 3 tapestries, inspired by "Princess Mononoke", "Sprited Away", and "Howl's Moving Castle". The City will also have a booth with many animations!


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