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Meet Yuka Nagate at the Bragelonne/Mangetsu booth!

Yuka Nagate is a Japanese mangaka who started her career in 1995 with Bad Blade. Her latest work is France, published by Mangetsu is Butterfly Beast! Yuka Nagate will be at Japan Expo this summer at their booth, which they share with the publisher Bragelonne!

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Bragelonne/Mangetsu will be at Japan Expo with a booth, hall 5A, C156 where you will be able to meet Yuka Nagate, Japanese mangaka, for signings everday!

Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Ibaraki, Yuka Nagate is noticed with her short story Bad Blade, published in 1995 in the weekly magazine Shônen Magazine, then awarded the Young Artist Prize by Kôdansha.

This award allowed her to launch her career and in 2007 she obtained her first major series: Hokuto no Ken - The Legend of Toki, a spin-off of the famous manga by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara.

In 2010, she started her own series Butterfly Beast, in which a shinobi with a double life tracks down her former brothers-in-arms who have strayed from the straight and narrow. The series is complete in 7 volumes.

Summary of Butterfly Beast:

1635, the beginning of the Edo era. Japan is enjoying a fragile peace, after a long period of feudal wars, but in the shadows the warriors left behind are still rampant. In the capital's pleasure district, a former kunoichi lives a double life. She calls herself Kochô, a high-ranking courtesan by day, and becomes Ochô, an assassin, by night. Her mission: to relentlessly hunt down her former brothers-in-arms who have gone rogue.

Follow the fascinating Kochô in this sulphurous double life, through the magnificent draws and the thrilling scenario of Yuka Nagate.


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