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Let’s talk about 2019’s World Cosplay Summit!

The French selections of this prestigious international cosplay contest takes place at Japan Expo Sud. Come find out about the future WCS French representative live!

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Since 2003, the World Cosplay Summit brings together cosplayers from all over the world, chosen to represent their countries. France has been a long-time contestant of this contest. Last summer, it was represented by Annshella and Leena, selected at Japan Expo Sud 9th Wave. Though they didn’t made it to the podium – the Mexican team won the competition, in front of Indonesia and Thailand –, the dazzled the audience who cheered their performance from Resident Evil Revelations. Let’s have a look at their adventure in Nagoya and the finals with a few photos below.

And now, let’s turn to the upcoming selections. Who will represent France at the 2019’s World Cosplay Summit? Let’s find out about this at Japan Expo Sud on Feb. 23, 2019 with the best French cosplayers and an outstanding show. 

Japan Expo Sud 10th Wave, on Feb. 22-24, 2019 at Marseille Chanot (Rond-Point du Prado, Marseille, France)


More about the WCS on www.worldcosplaysummit.jp

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