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Let's dance under cherry trees for Miyako Odori

Sign of renewal, the arrival of spring is a not to be missed event in Japan. In April, during the Miyako Odori of Kyoto, people are amazed in front of the grace and beauty of the cherry tree dance performed by geisha.

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The hanami, literally "flower viewing", is the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the ephemeral beauty of flowers, mainly cherry blossoms (sakura), when they bloom in early spring. A short event and yet sublime, with even a blooming weather forecast, hanami remains a highly expected event among Japanese people. 

In Kyoto, the cradle of geisha, is held the annual festival Miyako Odori (cherry dance), created in 1872 to celebrate spring's arrival. During this festival, which is held this year from April 1 to 27 at Kyoto's Minamiza Theater, geiko (geisha from the Kyoto area) and maiko (geisha apprentices) present the beautiful cherry tree dance. A temporary show very popular among Japanese folks, because it’s renowned for the delicacy and grace shown by their performers. 

Do you know Miyako Odori? What do you think of hanami? Share your thoughts in comments!

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