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Ken AKAMATSU: Love Hina’s mangaka is the 16th Impact Manga Guest of Honor

In partnership with Pika Édition, Japan Expo is delighted to welcome as its Manga Guest of Honor the author of the world success Love Hina: Ken AKAMATSU. Don’t miss this famous mangaka for his panel and signings!

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At only 25, Ken AKAMATSU began his career as a profesional mangaka when being awarded Weekly Shônen Magazine’s Jury’s Special Prize for Kid’s Game for One Summer. A few years later, with Love Hina, he won Kôdansha’s 25th Manga Prize. The manga is a worldwide success, like his next title Negima! Magister Negi Magi.

At the moment, he’s working on UQ HOLDER!, which is currently being published in Japan inWeekly Shônen Magazine.

On top of celebrating his birthday next summer at Japan Expo, Ken AKAMATSU is meeting you for a panel and signings: come meet this great mangaka on Saturday and Sunday!


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In partnership with Pika Édition

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Roha, 25 years old
Je me pose la même question pour les dédicaces ... Et si il y aura un support fournis/obligatoire ou pas
ByOz, 22 years old
Je serais là du samedi haha, je lui ferrais tout de même un petit dessin à ce bon vieux Ken. 8D On a des renseignements sur les séances de dédicaces? Si c'est par tirage au sort (comme avec Reki Kawahara) ou bien normalement?
aki-kawaii, 21 years old
Je serais là-bas le jour de son anniversaire, va falloir que je lui fasse un dessin ! Tellement hâte ! >v
Oujisama, 32 years old
Je serais au rendez-vous yeaaaah !!!!

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