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Focus on mangas and anime at Japan Expo 2022!

Who says Japan Expo says anime and manga! This year again, lots of publishers and activities were there for your greatest pleasure. Let's have a look at what you saw at Japan Expo 2022!

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  • The manga guests were numerous this year.



Among them, Yuji KAIDA, the painter of kaijus held conferences and met you through signing sessions. You could also attend his exhibition on kaijus, during which he signed himself his works! On Mangetsu's booth, the author of the manga Butterfly BeastYuka NAGATE, was present and offered you signing sessions. Invited by Pika, Reno and Romain LEMAIRE, authors of Dreamland met you on the festival and talked about the adaptation of Dreamland in anime on ADN! Finally, the scriptwriter and illustrator of the manga Angie's TaxiBarnab attracted many of you on the booth of Silenium Creations.



  • On the entertainment side, you found your favorite publishers and many others!


Pika, Kana, Glénat, Kurokawa, Ki-oon, Mangetsu, Noeve Grafx, Panini Manga, Vega-Dupuis, Isan Manga, Black River/404 Comics, Meian and many other publishers were present to satisfy everyone! With animations on booth, authors and events on stage, they gave their best to present you their mangas from all angles!

Our official partner piccoma and the Mangas.io platform were also there to highlight digital manga!

Star Hill Team and its unique dioramas gave you the secrets of their realization, Figurama and its impressive figurines gave you an eyeful and ABYstyle offered you all kinds of products related to manga!

EIMA, the International School of Manga and Animation, was present on stage for a conference on the profession of mangaka and the students of the school exposed their talents during a live-painting and you could discover an exhibition on the French manga!

The International Comic/Manga Contest Exhibition brought together the works presented for an exhibition during which you could admire the talent of students from all over the world! On the occasion of the release in France of the sequel to the adventures of the giant robot Goldorak, you could attend the Dynamic Heroes exhibition.




HSN Homme Sans Nom Editions invited several French-speaking authors of science fiction, fantasy and much more! Among them :

  • Adrien Mangold
  • John Ethan Py
  • Emmanuel Chastellière
  • Roznarho
  • Noémie Wiorek
  • Feldrik Rivat
  • Julia Richard
  • David Bry


You could also find Third Edition with as guests :

  • Nicolas DENESCHAU
  • Romain DASNOY
  • Clément DRAPEAU
  • Marine MACQ
  • Antony FOURNIER



  • Concerning the anime, you met a lot of guests who answered the call!


Mamoru YOKOTA, illustrator for anime like Naruto Shippûden or Death Note, and Junichi HAYAMA, known for his animation work on the OAV of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, made you dive into the field of animation during a conference and then, for the luckiest of you, you could meet them during signing sessions!

You asked for her so much, Brigitte LECORDIER delighted you at Japan Expo. Present during the 4 days, she gave several conferences and offered signing sessions all along the show! 

To stay on the theme of dubbing, Crunchyroll invited Alexis TOMASSIAN, Simon HERLIN, Keylan BLANC, joined by Enzo RATSITO, who are dubbers of the new French version of the anime Haikyu! Also invited by Crunchyroll, 3 members of the MAPPA studio, namely Manabu OTSUKA, Makoto KIMURA and Hiroshi SEKO, presented their work concerning the animation of Attack on Titans Final Season and the adaptation of Chainsaw Man, then proposed a signing session!

The creator, producer, scriptwriter and co-director of the French-Japanese series Oban Star-RacersSavin YEATMAN-EIFFEL presented a masterclass, a screening, conferences and signing sessions to delight you all! 

Animator specialized in anime openings, Yukio TAKATSU was present at Japan Expo for conferences and signing sessions.

During a unique event on the Yuzu stage, a part of the team of the anime film The Child of Kamiari Month composed of Toshinari SHINOE, Uko OSHIA, Leo ASHIZAWA and Machihiko SUWA were joined by the singer miwa, interpreter of the theme of the film, and BANG who did a dance performance. After a conference, a screening of the film took place!

Finally, every evening, you attended the Hosoda Film Festival, the screening of the successful films of the director Mamoru HOSODAWolf Children Ame et YukiSummer Wars and BELLE!


  • Animations on the theme of anime took the form of booths and activities that delighted many of you:

Many of you came to the One Piece Red booth. On the occasion of the release of the movie on August 10th, Toei Animation Europe offered you tons of animations on the universe of the movie and you could leave with goodies and gifts! Crunchyroll brought out the big game with a miniature village where you could dive into the world of your favorite anime! WIT Studio proposed you to discover the backstage of the anime they produced through an exhibition accessible during the 4 days of the festival!

The Animaniak association was delighted to welcome you on its booth! You could test your knowledges on Japanese culture during friendly animations and in a good mood!

The Association for the Development of the Gundam Universe (AEUG) was back at Japan Expo to offer you tons of activities around these Japanese robots that have become cult!

The Daruma Award ceremony took place on the Také stage on Friday. Rewarding the best anime and mangas in various categories, it was you who elected the Daruma before the festival, then the Golden Daruma for anime and manga live during the ceremony.

Finally, Crunchyroll offered you three previews at Japan Expo: My Hero Academia, for the special episodes of season 5, Blue Lock for the first episode of season 1 and the anime film The girl from the other side


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