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Focus on Amazing at Japan Expo 2022!

The great novelty of this year was Amazing! Area dedicated to pop-culture from all over the world, except Japan, you could find animations and various events. Let's have a look at what you discovered at Amazing!

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New this year, Amazing is the new brand of Japan Expo that welcomes pop-culture from all over the world. If the main part was made to the South Korean culture, many countries were represented. Let's go around together!

You could not miss it, the imposing booth with green and white colors of WEBTOON have attracted many of you. With more than a dozen authors, including two Koreans, they brought out the big game. During signing sessions, you could meet these talented authors to (re)discover their webtoons!

The K-Pop Village was a specific area dedicated to K-Pop Dance Covers groups. They were present on booth and offered breathtaking performances on stage:

  • Risin' Crew
  • Stormy Shot
  • Be-OG


The French K-Pop Dance group Shee'z & Hee'z was also present and provided colorful shows on the festival stages!

The Amazing Cosplay Show allowed you to express your cosplayer talents under the Amazing theme.

Linking cosplay and sport, you could discover booths dedicated to the Star Wars universe like the Imperial AllianceLudosport and 501st Legion French Garrison! You could also attend or participate in sports such as Korean swordplay with Haidong Gumdo and quidditch with the French Quidditch Federation. To stay in the theme of Harry Potter, Ludo Collection and its exhibition allowed you to discover objects that were used on the set of the movies and others signed by the actors.

Emi sphere and Retro du cœur were present for the high-tech/video game side. One was a creator of personalized PC towers made of glass, the other to promote retrogaming.

An area called Amazing Games Experience was dedicated to board games, with for example Parkage, a board game store, FFJdR, the French Federation of Role Playing Games and Hasbro with the Nerf Challenge and Beyblade Burst Battle League, but also Hero Quest, Magic cards and Dungeons and Dragons.

Tailtiu Team, a trio of creatives composed of Lovarte (scriptwriter), Celtikipooh (cartoonist) and Theo Toniolo (colorist) invited you to discover their creations of comics and webtoon.

Regarding Korean culture, Universal Heroes Production addressed many aspects of it:

  • a conference to talk about the rising attractiveness of South Korea, followed by a screening of their new feature film "BE YOUR OWN HERO",
  • K-Pop shows,
  • a K-Pop dance workshop,
  • two conferences called "Training K-Pop in Korea",
  • cooking workshops to learn how to cook kimbap, 
  • and finally, the final of the K-Pop Dance Championship!

The Youtubers Sam and the Dramas and K-Coffee Time were present for games and animations about Korean drama and culture.

Finally, many exhibitors such as banjjak jewelry and BOM COSMETIK were present to offer you 100% Amazing products!

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