Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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Fill up on goodies with Japan Expo's partners!

This year, Japan Expo's partners are back with goodies! Come and treat yourself to the latest manga releases and leave with bonus gifts!

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Doki-Doki is offering a wide selection of goodies for the purchase of manga and the Sun Ken Rock series artbook! You'll find them in Hall 5Aplace C180!


Take your pick of Kana's latest releases and leave with board reproductionsmini-towels, a clearfile, an ecocup or a pair of shoelaces! Visit their stand in Hall 5Aplace E170!


Pamper yourself at the Celio stand in Hall 5Aplace F142 and receive a pinkey ringfuroshikiheadband featuring your favorite Saiyan or a sticker!


Funko figurines have always been popular with pop-culture fans. Take home a tote bag or a fan when you buy an exclusive pop at Japan Expo, in Hall 6place F650!


Get Meian's mangas at the booth in Hall 6, place G604, and receive a bookmark, an ex-libris, a key ring, a tote bag, an acrylic figurine, posters and much more!

Visit the Delcourt-Tonkam booth in Hall 5Aplace C170, and take home a badgepostcardposterto-do listfanex-librisThe JOJOlands mega bag or a postcard pouch.

The KBL collection booth, in Hall 5Aplace C170, is offering a sheet of stickers with the purchase of one volume, or a shikishi with the purchase of 2 volumes!

On the Kbooks booth, in Hall 5Aplace C170, treat yourself to the best of webtoon, and leave with a fan, a mirrorpostcards or an XXL mousepad!

Visit the Soleil Manga booth in Hall 5Aplace C170 and get a mouse padcuptea towelfan or a to-do list when buying a manga!

Come to the Webtoon booth in Hall 5Aplace E132 and treat yourself to volumes of Killer Peter or High School Mercenary, and leave with postersbookplatestote bagsdecorative plaquesbadgesnotebooksclearfiles or cards as a bonus!

For those feeling peckish, take part in activities at the Tanoshi Japan booth in Hall 5Aplace J207, and leave with instant noodlespeanuts or a stuffed toy!


The Akata booth, in Hall 5A, place F203, offers stickers, magnets, card holders and polaroids for the purchase of their mangas!

Ki-oon is back in force at Japan Expo with a whole range of goodies you can get at their booth in hall 5A, place B170!

Take advantage of the naBan booth to take home a collection of pins! Meet them in hall 5A, place A156!

Renard Doré is offering a series of posters, as well as badges for the purchase of manga or by stamping their loyalty card directly on their stand in hall 5A, place C134!

Get bookmarks, posters, stickers and ex-libris at the Taifu booth !

Visit the Glénat booth in hall 5A, place E154, to buy your favorite manga and take home goodies featuring your heroes !

Buy manga from Mana Books at their booth in hall 5A, place D180, and take home goodies such as Villager LVL 999, Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan and Dark Souls Redemption!

The Ototo stand offers bookmarks and posters for the purchase of their mangas!  

Kurokawa's goodies are legion! Pick up Spy x Family, Pokemon or Skeleton Double goodies at their booth in hall 5A, place D154!

Kotoon is showcasing its licenses Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess, In This Life, I Will Be the Lord and Doctor Elise - The Royal Lady with the Lamp with goodies in hall 5A, place D154!

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