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Discover the kendama: the Japanese bilboquet

Kendama is a game of skill and balance, in solo or collective, that sharpens the senses with simplicity. From Japan, he arrived in Europe for several years and most recently in France. Try it out at Japan Expo 20th Impact with Kendama France!

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Addictive and communicative, the practice of kendama results a coordination brain, body and mind, eye and hand. Very good for children’s cognitive development, it also enhances personal qualities such as patience, concentration and dexterity.

Practice it solo or challenge with colleagues, the goal is the same: achieve figures, patterns, more or less long and more or less technical. At the sight of the product, the number of combinations can seem derisory, but the reality is quite different, not far from 30,000 tricks are listed!

You can come to try and buy a kendama on the Kendama France booth (P184, hall 5A), or even benefit from the advice of the team of professional players Nativ Kendama, at Japan Expo 20th Impact!


Follow Kendama France on www.kendama-france.com

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