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Daisuke SATO signs Kenshiro's new adventures!

Daisuke SATO, the producer of the Yakuza game series, met you this afternoon on the Yuzu stage for an exclusive presentation of his latest creation: Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. Here’s a throwback of this event!

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Today, the Yuzu stage welcomed an exceptional guest: Daisuke SATO, the producer of the Yakuza game series, who was coming for the very first time in France and talked about his work as the general producer of Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, inspired by Hokuto no Ken, a series he’s loved for more than 30 years.

The panel opened on the game’s overcharged trailer, which allowed the attendees to dive into the combative and wild universe of the series before going deeper into the topic. Then, the producer answered questions to talk about his connection to the original work as well as the game's developement. During this sequence, Daisuke SATO explained the reasons that motivated him to create this game. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise came from a need of challenge, a will to create new things and to detach himself from Yakuza. Since Hokuto no Ken was celebrating its 35th anniversary, and that the beneficiaries were looking for new projects to highlight for this occasion, Daisuke SATO seized his chance to develop a game inspired by Kenshiro’s adventures.

For the series has already had a lot of game adaptations, this new entry had to bring a fresh look to it with a complete new plot while remaining faithful to the original manga and anime. However, Yakuza fans can rest assured: Fist of the North Star: Paradise Lost shares lots of similarities with Daisuke SATO’s previous games! The players will thus hear Takaya KURODA, who voiced Kazuma Kiruyu in the Yakuza series, as Kenshiro, or even play crazy mini-games revealing a new side of the protagonist by converting him into a barman or a security guard.

Next, there was an exclusive and commented demo of the game. First, the attendees could marvel at the graphics while the hero was wandering among the streets of the city of Eden, a true oasis located within a post-apocalyptic desert which is being coveted by villains that Kenshiro will have to defeat. Even though this setting seems pretty different from the original work’s sceneries, the fans could find many allusions to its fighting scenes and got to meet mythical characters such as Shin or Cassandra.

Regretfully, the demo ended, thus marking the end of the panel. With warm thanks, Daisuke SATO invited the attendees to meet him again at signings tomorrow and reminded them that Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise was playable at Koch Media’s booth !


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