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Anisong Festa: an exceptional concert!

Japan Expo’s 20th Anniversary is a chance to party and it goes on after the festival, Friday on the Karasu Stage, with the Anisong Festa! With your favorite anime songs, two singers and a duo who perform on stage for a three hour-long concert, with an overexcited first part!

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An event all anisong fans must attend: enjoy your favorite anime songs with their singers. On stage, the duo angela and the singer miwa will be joining Mika KOBAYASHI to give you the best of anisong! And to set the mood from the start, the otaku breakdancers Real Akiba Boyz perform the first part of the show!

Organized beside Japan Expo and open to everyone, festival attendee or not, this exceptional concert is a tribute to anisong, a genre in itself with contributions from the greatest Japanese music artists. Fans often get to know anime songs first before they get interested in Japanese music as a whole.

The Anisong Festa is scheduled on Friday, July 5 from 6.15pm on the Karasu Stagebook your tickets now! You don’t need to have a ticket to Japan Expo to go to the concert, only an Anisong Festa ticket.


On top of the two concerts organized beside the festivalthe Anisong Festa on Friday and the Neko Light Orchestra and Naheulband concert on Saturday, Japan Expo also have 5 events set in the evening included in the festival program!

Cosplay fans may already have saved the date for The Greatest Cosplay Show – 20th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday and the ECG Finals on Saturday.

We’ll tell you more about the three extra evening events soon: follow our news!

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