Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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A foretaste of the activities at Japan Expo!

Japan Expo is fast approaching, so we're giving you a sneak preview of the activities during the festival!

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Japan Expo is an opportunity to see prestigious guests - but that's not all! If you're short of activities, this page gives you a taste of what you can find during the festival!


Feel like releasing your energy at Japan Expo? Visit the booth of France Naginata to learn how to handle an ancestral weapon, or head to the Aïkido Club Villejuif to train to neutralize adversity!


For the fans of mangas and anime, take a look at the booth of the association Saint Seiya Myth Cloth News and its Knight of the Zodiac figures, ready to unleash their cosmos! You want more? Visit the stand of the AEUG (Association pour l'Essor de l'Univers Gundam, or Gundam Universe Development Association in English) to talk between fans or discover this mythical mecha series!


You want to play a board game? Come at Parkage's stand to discover the latest hit, like Charge & Spark! For those of you who prefer a more traditional game, Karuta France teaches you to play Karuta, a Japanese card game that requires reflexes and attention!


Are you a fan of pop culture? Visit the booths of the guests from Amazing! Check out the magic sculptor Pierre DELINFINI and his creations in the effigy of you favorite superheroes! The dark side wants to hire you, so get in the rank of the 501st Legion French Garrison next to the empire's soldiers!


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