Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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A first summary of activities sorted by theme!

We've already announced some of the activities you can look forward to at the festival. While we've still got quite a few announcements to make, here's a quick rundown by theme of what's been announced so far!

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After a few announcements, it's time to take a breather and have a look at the activities that are proposed at Japan Expo! Here's a summary by themes!

The exhibitions

  • Take to the streets (or almost!) of Osaka, the city full of energy! From its culinary specialties to its castles and towers, discover the Japanese city in a 36m² exhibition!
  • Set out to conquer space and play with the galactic police aboard the Tortuga! The exhibition dedicated to the late Buichi TERASAWA awaits you at the festival, to immerse you in the rich and colorful world of Cobra!

manga & anime

  • Feeling inspired? Visit the Art & Design INSPIRATION stand and learn how to draw characters from your favourite works, all under the guidance of experienced designers!
  • Feel your cosmos burn with Saint Seiya Myth Cloth News figurines and dioramas! You'll find figurines of your favorite knights set off against their own scale.
  • To go beyond the cosmos and straight to the stars, the team at the Association pour l'Essor de l'Univers Gundam (AEUG, or Gundam Universe Development Association in English) introduces you to this work! Discover this mythical universe, or come and share it with other enthusiasts!

pop culture

  • Stay in space for a while with Alliance Impériale and admire the costumes of these Star Wars universe enthusiasts!
  • Has the alliance convinced you? Join the ranks of the 501st Legion French Garisson to perfect your training, working side by side with screen accurate stormtroopers!
  • A strange sorcerer is on the prowl at Japan Expo - maybe you can catch him transforming stone? Pierre DELINFINI carves stone into sculptures of pop culture icons!

culture & traditions

  • This year, Wabi Sabi welcomes a host of Japanese artisans. Take advantage of their expertise and leave with your arms full of wonderful souvenirs!


  • The most formidable challengers await you at the France Naginata booth, where you can learn to wield this ancestral weapon...
  • ... Or opt for hand-to-hand combat with the Aïkido Club VIllejuif and turn your opponent's strength against him!


  • Join the Anjou Pop Corner hosts for a myriad of activities, including the challenge wheel! Exhibitors and guests are given the floor to talk pop culture and take part in interviews.

And it's not over yet! Stay tuned to our Twitch channel on En Route pour Japan Expo for more announcements!

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