Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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Zen + Confort

Make the most of your passion and of a stressless week-end: the Zen + Confort Ticket invites you to relax in the Japan Expo Lounge, and to enjoy a buffet and many more advantages, to relax, get a boost, and experience Zen at the festival!

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Roomy, quiet, and cozy, the Japan Expo Lounge is inviting you to relax but also to recover some energy. The buffet is available all day for Zen + Confort Ticket holders who need fuel from morning to afternoon! With the free checkroom and Zen advantages on top of everything, Zen + Confort Tickets are the best allies for all those who wish to mix passion and serenity during their weekend at Japan Expo.

All about Zen + Confort Tickets

Enjoy the festival before all other visitors

Take advantage of an early entry that will allow you to enter before all other festival visitors. Indeed, you will be able to enter at 8:15 am, before the Zen Tickets who enter at 8:30 am, the Fastpasses at 9:00 am, and then the 1-day tickets and 4-day Pass holders at 9:30 am.

Relax at the Japan Expo Lounge

The Japan Expo Lounge is a quiet haven dedicated to Zen + Confort holders. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of this lounge, equipped to welcome you all day long in the best conditions. Relax and recover some energy to better enjoy the festival.

The Japan Expo Lounge also welcomes you at lunchtime and includes a microwave that you can use to warm up your meal if you brought it from home. A member of staff is here all day to make sure everything's going well.

Have a snack at the buffet

All day, you can enjoy drinks – cold or hot – and snacks available in self-service for all Zen + Confort Ticket holders. Try the breakfast viennoiseries, the midday buffet, and tea pastries. It will give you a boost before you can go back to the festival activities.

Keep your hands free thanks to the checkroom

Zen+ Comfort tickets give access to a checkroom inside the lounge with an unlimited number of items! Take this opportunity to leave your bags and shopping, and enjoy the festival with free hands.

Get your badge sent to your mailbox!

You receive your badge at home, in your mailbox: they are sent by mail at the end of every month (if you live in Metropolitan France only). No more need to queue up to withdraw it from the Troubleshooting Desk: you can start enjoying the festival as soon as you get there. Zen badges from the same order are sent individually to your home: Attention! Be sure to include the personal addresses of each holder.

Get Japan Expo souvenir gifts

Japan Expo is offering to all Zen + Confort holders official souvenirs of the festival, with Japan Expo goodies.

Take advantage of exclusive presales

If you bought a Zen + Confort ticket for the 2023 edition, you will be able to take advantage of exclusive presales for the next edition, the one in 2024!

Enjoy Zen advantages too

  • Enter before public opening and avoid the crowd
  • Get in and out as much as you like
  • Priority lines to the Ichigo and Yuzu stages 

Zen + Confort Tickets at a glance

Advantages Zen + Confort Ticket
Access to the Japan Expo Lounge Unlimited
Self-service buffet Breakfast viennoiseries, midday buffet, and tea pastries 
Free checkroom for an unlimited number of items
Your badge sent by post To your place, in June (for Metropolitan France only)**
Gifts* Japan Expo official goodies
Access to the festival 4 days
Access before public opening from 8.15 am, that is 1H15 earlier
Temporary exits Unlimited
Events skip-the-line ticket Priority lines to the Ichigo, and Yuzu stages
Quantity Limited
Price 329€
On sale on 26/02/2024

* Gifts to be withdrawn on-site.
** If you live outside of Metropolitan France, you will have to pick up your ticket at the Troubleshooting Desk as usual.

How to buy Zen + Confort Tickets

Zen + Confort Tickets are on sale on our website only.

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