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ECG's 10 years exhibition

Come and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ECG in an exhibition going through the great moments and the best performances of the contest.

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Since 10 years, the European Cosplay Gathering has been making hearts beat faster at Japan Expo!

Cosplay has always been a major discipline for the Japan Expo community. The contest was created in 2010, with the aim of rewarding the creativity and richness of cosplay in Europe. In 2011, the first final already gathers 10 countries. This is the beginning of a great adventure that we wish to celebrate this year on the occasion of the 10th anniversary.

With an exhibition going through the best moments of this fantastic event, you can learn more about the history of the ECG and how this contest has become a reference in the world of cosplay

Discover the diversity and beauty of the costumes that are presented each year at the ECG finals, thanks to a photo gallery and real costumes that will blow your mind. You will be able to admire the smallest details of your favourite cosplayers' costumes in large format photographs.

The cosplays of three artists will be presented exclusively in the exhibition. These three cosplayers explain their choices and how they created their costumes. These technical explanations give an idea of the amount of work that goes into making a cosplay.

So don't miss this special 10 years exhibition of the ECG to immerse yourself in the art of cosplay!


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