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Zenzai: the sweet soup of Izumo's gods

Izumo is the main region of the movie "Child of Kamiari Month" presented at Japan Expo, and an essential city for Japanese mythology. The traditional and magical dessert "Zenzai" introduced in the movie is from Izumo. Prepare "Izumo Zenzai" using red beans from Izumo, water and salt with the pastry chefs from Sakaneya store!

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One of the most admired spiritual places for Japanese people is "Izumo Taisha". Azuki beans have been offered to the god as an important food since ancient times, and have been used for special occasions such as celebrations and memorial events. "Zenzai" soup and "Zenzai Mochi" were served on the occasion of the "Council of Gods" when the gods of Japan met in Izumo once a year to determine the fate of the country. It is a highly spiritual food!

A very nice wink with the projection of the movie "Child of Kamiari Month" where you can spot this specialty! ALL THE INFO HERE !



This is the fifth generation of the long-established "Sakaneya" candy shop in Izumo. Soichiro Sakane and his wife Megumi Sakane run this store in front of the main gate of Izumo Taisha, and have continued to make traditional Japanese sweets, taking to heart the connections created both with customers who have been welcomed for 150 years, and with producers of beans, rice, fruits, etc...


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