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Anisong Festa 2021

All anime music fans, save the date: Anisong Festa is announcing its 2021 edition, on Saturday, July 17! The concert is back with a line-up of three amazing guests ¬– May’n, TRUE, and Blue Encount – and a crazy first part!

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On Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 6.30 pm, Anisong Festa is a tribute to anime music and also an opportunity for all the fans to party with anisong stars. This year at Anisong Festa 2021:

  • May’n, the singer of, among many more, the openings of Accel World or Azur Lane, who will be celebrating the 15th Anniversary of her career with you and will also be Japan Expo’s Music Guets of Honor
  • TRUE, the interpret of Sincerely, the opening of Violet Evergarden, and Dream Solister, for Sound! Euphonium
  • Blue Encount, the group singing Polaris, the opening of the anime My Hero Academia


Don’t miss this event: to add it to your schedule on our website or on the app!


The show will be held on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 6.30 pm on the Karasu Stage at Japan Expo. Doors will open at 5.45 pm. 

Two types of tickets are available:

  • Regular tickets
  • VIP tickets

With VIP tickets (limited edition!): 

  • Be among the first to come in with the early entrance (15 minutes earlier)
  • Get gifts with the Anisong Festa T-shirt and badge
  • Leave an item at the checkroom for free
  • Get a free bottle of water (50 cl)

Anisong Festa is independent from Japan Expo and you don’t need a ticket to Japan Expo to attend. 

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