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Star Pass ECG Finals

With the Star Pass ECG Finals, think of nothing but the amazing show that cosplayers are about to perform on stage, bringing your favorite characters to life on stage. Your seat is ready for you, a special line is reserved to you, and you get souvenir goodies of the ECG Season 9 finals. Let the show begin!

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The European Cosplay Gathering, the biggest cosplay show in Europe, is gathering speed! The contest finals are one of the main events at Japan Expo. Now scheduled in the evening, on Saturday at 5.00 pm, it will benefit from the improvements of the Ichigo stage, which features new facilities for the 20th Anniversary of Japan Expo. It will highlight the finalists’ performances more than ever. Your Saturday at Japan Expo will end with an outstanding show!

To boost the experience still further, choose the Star Pass ECG Finals: make sure you enjoy the comfort of a reserved seat, and don’t miss a second of the finals! A dedicated line will keep you from stressing out at the entrance and you’ll get a collector ECG Season 9 T-shirt and the ECG wristband.  

The Star Pass ECG Finals advantages

The guarantee of a good seat for the best cosplay show of the year!

With the Star Pass ECG Finals, make sure you can enjoy the comfort of a reserved seat and focus on the great show going on before your eyes.

The Star Pass ECG Finals is valid for all the events of the evening:

  • 5.00 pm: opening
  • 5.15 pm: ECG Season 9 finals
  • 7.00 pm: interlude
  • 7.45 pm: ECG Season 9 prize-giving ceremony

Avoid the stress of the lines

A dedicated line will keep you away from the crowd at the entrance of the Ichigo stage. Forget about the stress of the lines and only think about the event coming up.

Collector goodies

Keep souvenirs of this amazing event: 

  • With the collector ECG Season 9 T-shirt
  • And with the ECG wristband.

The Star Pass ECG Finals at a glance

Star Pass ECG Finals Advantages
Reserved seat A seat reserved for the ECG Season 9 finals and the evening events

Dedicated line

Access to the line dedicated to Star Pass ECG Finals holders 


The collector ECG Season 9 T-shirt and the ECG wristband





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  • The Star Pass ECG Finals does not give access to the festival but only to a seat during the event and offers the above-mentioned advantages: Star Pass ECG Finals holders must also have an entrance ticket to Japan Expo valid on Saturday, July 6, 2019.
  • The ECG finals remain free for all the festival attendees with a valid ticket on Saturday, within the limit of the stage capacity. The Star Pass ECG Finals is optional.
  • The festival closing at 6.00 pm, the finals attendees will not be allowed to go back into the festival after 6.00 pm. A special exit will be set up for the event audience.

How to buy your Star Pass ECG Finals


You must show the countermark received by e-mail or available in your account on our website (print or smartphone) to pick up:

  • The wristband that will allow you to access the event, at the Troubleshooting Desk (hall7), the Official Gift Shop (hall 6 or 5A), or the Activities Desk (hall 6).
  • Your goodies, at the Official Gift Shop (hall 5A). (Nothing will be sent by mail)

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