Japan Expo Paris - July 5-8, 2018 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center
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Facilities at Japan Expo 2017

Japan Expo has no less than 12 stages and about 20 areas dedicated to activities, signings or sports: facilities for all types of events. Let’s take a pre-festival tour!

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4 halls, 12 stages, 20 activity areas

Japan Expo spreads over 135,000 sqm and takes four halls of Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. To help you picture where to find what, we’ve made a basic floor map of the festival, with its main stages and spaces. Then we’ll tell you all about each stage, room, or area.

Hall 5B: the lair of the two largest stages of the festival, Ichigo – the main stage – and Karasu – all dedicated to music.

Hall 4: that’s where the third biggest stage, Yuzu, is set, featuring major events, premieres, panels, etc.

Hall 5A: when you arrive, you’re immersed straight away into Japanese pop culture through the publishers’ village! Turn right to the culture and tradition area, left to visit the Young Designers’ booths and straight ahead to the other end of the hall to enter the fascinating world of cosplay. Keep on exploring to come across the Japanese food area, the exhibits, or manga and anime activities.

Hall 6the kingdom of video games opens wide for you, to present publishers’ and associations’ booths, the latest games and retrogaming. A bit farther are the paradise of sports fans, or the Sumiré area dedicated to signings. On the other side, visit amateur artists exhibiting their creations, or share your passion for Japan with your children thanks to the Kids’ area

Hall 5B


Ichigo = strawberry
Cosplay, fashion shows, outstanding performances: the Ichigo stage features the best of the festival programming. With a stage 150 sqm wide, a 10-meter long proscenium, and 4 screens, up to 14,000 people can attend the most exceptional shows. It’s THE stage you have to visit during the festival!


Karasu = raven
The Karasu stage programming is a J-music festival in itself. This 252 sqm stage entirely dedicated to music thrills up to 4,000 people. From J-pop to rock, electro, or visual kei, it offers a full insight of J-music, with today’s talents and stars to be. 

Hall 4


Yuzu = yuzu (a type of citrus fruit)
Anime, feature films, or video game world premieres, panels with prestigious guests, live drawings, and other outstanding events: the Yuzu stage, 130 sqm wide, with a proscenium and giant screen, welcomes up to 4,000 people who attend some of the most awaited events of the festival.  

Hall 5A


Sakura = cheery tree petals
The Sakura Stage unveils the beauty of Japanese arts and folk culture over 111 sqm. From calligraphy to theatre, dance to music, come enjoy the most beautiful aspects of traditional Japan on this stage which has hanamichi, a long extension on the side like the ones on kabuki stages in Japan.  


Kitsuné = fox
The Kitsuné Stage is the land of free cosplay: cosplay enthusiasts can come up on a 60 sqm stage with their costume on and perform as they wish and if they wish. No stress, no competition, you’re here for fun and so is the audience! All along the festival, theme cosplay shows are organized on top of free sessions.


Washoku = Japanese traditional cuisine
The perfect place for foodies, the Washoku stage is at the heart of an area dedicated to Japanese food. It hosts famous chefs, both Japanese and French, as well as professionals of Japanese gastronomy who share their secrets during workshops.


In small groups (up to 30 people), discover or get a better knowledge of manga, animation, in short all that’s related to illustration, by attending the workshops of the masterclass room. Drawing, creating, coloring, animating:  professionals and the festival guests share their techniques and experiences.  

Workshop Cosplay

The Workshop Cosplay room is inviting all attendees interested in cosplay, in making costumes, in creative hobbies (jewels, baubles, accessories…), or in photo or video, to discover new creation techniques or to improve their knowledge. Workshops are held by expert cosplayers.


Nezumi = mouse
To learn about pop culture subjects or about Japan, or play on such topics, the Nezumi stage alternates panels and games, meetings and quizzes. Whether you’re interested in web culture, manga, animation, or Japan as a whole, don’t miss the expert participants who speak about their passion, present their projects, and unveils the behinds of the subjects you love. 


Sora = sky
Want to test yourself? Confront your mangaanime, J-music culture to other fan attendees’? Sing at the top of your voice at karaoke? And why not win Jens to exchange against gifts at the same time? Then the Sora stage is here for you with many activities organized by associations


All day long, the video room is dedicated to showing anime, films, documentaries. Relax with your favorite series, watch the premiere of exclusive content, and discover rare works. 

Hall 6

Animé 100

Japan Expo is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation and dedicates a whole stage to the event. Attend panels with our guests about their career, or with speakers about the history of Japanese animation or anime dubbing. The Animé 100 stage is THE place to be for Japanese animation fans!


Sumiré = violet
Meet the guests at the area dedicated to signings. After going to the Signing Desk to get your Signing Ticketeight Sumiré stages are ready for you, with regular autographs, photo shoots, or meetings with your favorite artists, and all the time great memories. 


Azuki = red bean
Mascots are trendy and now have their own stage! Coming from Japan, they represent their cities or regions, present them to you and invite you to have fun with them. Come dance, sing, and laugh with them! Other mascots of famous characters are joining them too.


Také = bamboo
If her main subject is video game, the Také stage opens to manga, web culture, music, and all about pop culture. Surrounded by two big screens, the 64 sqm stage welcomes the festival guests and participants for panels and animations


Budô = grapes
3 tatami areas are dedicated to martial arts. So if you want to know what naginata is like or try aikidô or shorinji kenpô, that’s where you’re supposed to be!

This year, one of those tatami area has been transformed into a stage: under the spotlights, champions and experts show you impressive demos of varied disciplines. The two others are dedicated to initiations, to allow you to find your own martial way.


Puroresu = pro wrestling
The most striking stage of the festival: a real ring where Japanese and European wrestlers fight spectacularly. The ring also welcomes initiations where the attendees can have a go at the wrestling adventure: a unique experience and amazing sensations!

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