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Costume making workshops with LoveCraft Studio

Cosplay lovers from LoveCraft Studio offer Japan Expo attendees introductory session of costume creation! Visit their booth to learn from the best!

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Come to LoveCraft Studio booth to participate in introductory workshops on costuming foam open to everyone, and special effectsmakeup and fake injuries in latex. Everything you need to know to start crafting your own cosplay pieces by learning from the best in their field.

LoveCraft Studio is a group of entrepreneurs focused around the world costume and cosplay. Their main missions: creation of costumes, decorations and accessories, the initiation of the public to the creation of costumes and exposure and repair of costumes of all beauty!


Several workshops are held during the four days of the festival, at the booth of LoveCraft Studio at Japan Expo 20th Impact! Also take the opportunity to discover the exhibition of the creations of these enthusiasts, and attend demonstrations carried out by the members of LoveCraft Studio!

This team of passionate creators decided to share their experiences and skills to the benefit of the general public to Japan Expo through several animations!


Follow LoveCraft Studio on www.lovecraftstudio.fr

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