Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

VR duel with ProTubeVR

ProTubeVR pushes the boundaries of virtual reality immersion! Come to play cowboys on the InfiniVerse booth at Japan Expo for an unprecedented immersive experience with ProTubeVR equipments!

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ProTubeVR is a startup from Marseille created early last year which develops, produces, markets and distributes devices aimed at improving the feeling of immersion in virtual reality (VR). 

True pioneer in the virtual reality hardware device, they offer Japan Expo attendees to visit American Far West through a duel activity in 1 v 1 in three rounds. With the ProTubeVR and the ForceTubeVR, aspiring outlaws will live a unique immersive experience, as the module integrated in their equipment will stimulate the impacts and the vibrations caused by a gun, in order to make virtual more real.

Come and join ProTubeVR ont the InfiniVerse booth to try this set up exclusively at Japan Expo 20th Impact!

Find out more about ProTubeVR and InfiniVerse on:

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