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Your tickets are refundable with the "serenity" option

You can now benefit from a refund of your order, without justification, thanks to the "serenity" ticket option.

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The "serenity" option is purchased with your ticket order on our website. It allows you to a full refund of your order.


How does it work?

  • the option applies to the whole order, even if it contains several tickets;
  • it can be used with any type of ticket (reduced rate, full rate, Zen tickets...);
  • it is not divisible: only the whole order is refunded;
  • it cannot be purchased alone, it must be attached to an order;
  • it is not transferable: it cannot be used for another order, made before or after, or for another person;
  • it does not allow ticket exchange: if you wish to change the day of your visit, you will have to be refunded, then buy a new ticket;
  • it costs 5€, this amount will not be refunded if the option is used;
  • the purchase of the option and the refund requests can be realised until the day before the festival;
  • it is only available for purchases made via our website: www.japan-expo-paris.com;
  • it can only be used once.


Please note! The serenity option does not constitute a ticket to the festival.

Serenity Ticket FAQ:

Q: Is there a deadline to request a refund with the serenity option?

A: You have until Wednesday, July 13, 2022 to submit your refund request. You will not be able to use it after the festival begins.

Please note : the purchase of the option is also available until Wednesday, July 13, 2022 (included). You will not be able to buy the option after.

Q: Can I use the serenity option on only a part of my order?

A: The serenity option applies to the entire order, and therefore cannot be used to cancel only a portion of it (e.g. one ticket out of two).

Q: I have purchased a serenity option. Can I use it on another order, placed before or after this purchase?

A: The serenity option applies to a specific order. While it allows the refund of multiple tickets purchased through the same order, it does not allow the refund of other orders placed before or after, even if the buyer is the same person. There is no retroactivity, the serenity option only applies to new orders.

Q: I would like a refund for an order of ticket(s) insured by a serenity option. How do I proceed?

A : Your request should be sent directly by email to billetterie@sefa-event.com. You will have to provide your order number. The request must be made until the day of the festival. The refund will be credited on the card used for the purchase within 15 days after receipt of your online request. 

Please note that processing times may be longer around the festival.

Q: I purchased a serenity option outside of my order. Can I get a refund?

A: The serenity option cannot be purchased on its own, it must be part of an order of tickets. A stand-alone option does not allow a refund of tickets nor of the option itself.

Q: How long does it take to process my refund request?

A: On average, it will take between 10 and 15 days to receive a refund for your order after we receive your request. This time may be extended as the festival approaches (early July), which is a busy time for our teams.

Q: How does the refund process work?

A: You will be credited directly to the credit card used for the purchase.

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