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Japan Expo is welcoming a renown shakuachi artist, who has won awards, performed with famous composers and worldwide: Reison KURODA will be attending the festival on Saturday and Sunday, so don’t miss his performances!

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Reison KURODA studied shakuhachi (traditional flute made of bamboo) under Reibo Aoki II (shakuhachi player nationally designated as a Living National Treasure) and Reibo Aoki III in Japan. He graduated both from Waseda University School of Human Sciences in 2007 and Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Japanese Traditional Music.

He formed the Hougaku Quartet in 2011 and started his career in through commissioned work by young composers, the revival of modern Japanese music from the 1970’s and 1980’s, and classics from the Edo period. The quartet has performed many composer’s exhibition concerts and eight independent performances. They appeared on the NHK FM Hogaku no Hitotoki radio show and on the cover of the magazine Hogaku Journal in 2015. Their first CD, Teruyuki NODA Works for Japanese Instrument, received a great deal of great reviews in music magazines.


In 2015, Reison KURODA gave the first public performance of Kazutomo YAMAMOTO's shakuhachi concerto Roaming Liquid in Japan. The same year, he passed the NHK Japanese music audition and appeared on NHK FM Hogaku no Hitotoki as a solo performer. He has premiered several new shakuhachi pieces including compositions by Claude LEDOUX at the International Contemporary Music Festival ARS MUSICA.

He has won several awards, ending first of the Hidenori Tone Traditional Japanese instruments contest with Hiroyasu NAKAJIMA in 2016 and first of the World Shakuhachi Competition in London in 2018. He is also a member of the Ensemble Muromachi with whom he won the Keizo Saji Prize in 2013. Lately, he has been appointed Japan Cultural Envoy and chosen to premiere the solo shakuhachi and orchestra work of Rafael NASSIF and Denis LEVAILLANT.

He is a rare talent working on expanding the possibilities of shakuhachi through a wide variety of music genres, from classic to modern, jazz, and improvisation.

Don’t miss the chance to attend Reison KURODA’s performances at Japan Expo: he will be holding showcases on Saturday and Sunday, as well as signings!


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