Japan Expo Paris - July 2-5, 2020
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Lines, cash desks & entrances

You've followed the indications leading from the car parks and the train station to the entrance. What next? Read this page to know what to expect and onsite, follow our staff members' directions!

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Entrances & Cash Desks

  • From 9.00 am, people with tickets are led to the entrance in hall 5A or 6 after ticket control.
    The entrance opens at 8.30 am for Zen and Zen+ Ticket owners.
  • From 10.00 am, people without tickets are led to the festival cash desks to buy their entrance tickets. 

Means of payment

  • Cash. Please note that banknotes above €50 are not accepted, as well as payments made with more than 50 coins.
    In order to save time, please prepare the exact change before you get to cash desks.
  • Credit cards at some specific cash desks.
  • Checks are no longer accepted, only cash and credit cards.

Tickets for the day and for the following days are available at the cash desks: you can buy your tickets for several days if you like. We reming you that you also get a discount when buying presale tickets before July 1st

Free tickets

Only children under 8 and the companions of people with disabilities with a card or justification mentioning the need for a companion or blindness, can benefit from the free entrance. In both cases, you'll need to show a justification. 
Attention: people who benefit from free entrance must pick up a free ticket at the Troubelshooting Desk

Attention: people who benefit from free entrance must pick up a free ticket at the Troubelshooting Desk before joining the lines. 


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