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The great idol tournament: Tokyo Candoll

After the victory of We=MUKASHIBANASHI in 2019, who is the new idol band who will go all the way through Tokyo Candoll, win the finals and perform at Japan Expo next July? The answer to that will come up in a few months, after the selections and finals. And to keep informed, follow the news from Tokyo Candoll 2020 with us!

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In Japan, 2020 is the year of the Olympic Games and Tokyo Candoll is about to take place in this memorable year. For its sixth edition, the idol tournament, whose motto is to "Represent Japanese idols all over the world!", will feature idols from everywhere in Japan competing.

Within six years, the contest has developed in such a way it has gained many idol fans and attracted attention in the entertainment world. Who will participate in the contest? What’s coming up? If you can’t wait for the adventures of those perky idols, follow the news from Tokyo Candoll with Japan Expo!

Every year, 80 groups enter the competition. And more than 7,000 fans attend the selections to cheer them, thankful for the joy and energy those 80 groups share on stage. 


The 2020 selections will start in February in Japan. Follow our news for more information about the next stages of the contest. 


What is Tokyo Candoll?

Tokyo Candoll is a major idol tournament organized in partnership with Japan Expo. The contest allows the winning idol group to perform at Japan Expo and to perform on the Karasu Stage at the festival.

The selections take place in Japan and only the winning group elected by the idol fans in Japan will attend Japan Expo, after being named "Ambassador of Japan". 

2015-2019: the 5 winners of the past editions

2015: Luce Twinkle Wink☆ (more info about the group)

2016: Yuiga Dokuson (more info about the group)

Tokyo Candoll 2016 - Finals

2017: notall (more info about the group)

notall - Japan Expo 18e Impact

2018: BANZAI JAPAN (more info about the group)

せんすがないっ!!!!! / BANZAI JAPAN in JAPAN EXPO 2018 Paris

2019: We=MUKASHIBANASHI (more info about the group)

Japan Expo 20e Impact - TokyoCandoll : We=MUKASHIBANASHI [Karasu]

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