Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Nihon budô demonstrations

Discover the different aspects of nihon budô through demonstrations conducted by Master Mitsuru WATANABE and other experts at the Budô area!

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Nihon budô

In order to fight a drift of the martial arts who tend to become more spectacular than effective, Master Haruyoshi WATANABE created nihon budô, a martial art who maintains the Japanese martial arts in their essence and their tradition.

Nihon budô gathers three main components: aïki-ju jutsu is a defensive art based on dodging and immobilising its opponent, kenpo taï jutsu focuses on projections and armlocks and iaï ken jutsu is linked to fencing. These three components are strongly connected, as they allow its user to adapt to every type of attack, and to progress on our martial way by highlighting the guidelines of these techniques, both with a sabre or bare-handed. 



Come to discover the martial art of nihon budô through several demonstrations where different clubs accompanied by Master Mitsuru WATANABE will present you this martial art’s components.

All are welcome to the Budô area at Japan Expo 20th Impact in order to watch nihon budô demonstrations and to participate in initiation sessions managed by Master WATANABE!

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