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Cosplay Quest

For its 20th Anniversary, Japan Expo is highlighting cosplay with an exceptional event: The Greatest Cosplay Show - 20th Anniversary Celebration, which will bring together dozens of cosplayers who have performed at the festival in the last 20 years. Among them, let's check out Cosplay Quest, a pioneer in France and a green cosplayer!

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The 37-year-old cosplayer Cosplay Quest takes his stage name from his quest for cosplay, which he considers as moving and evolutionary, but also allows him to meet and exchange in a world that is open and tolerant. From his earliest memories of cosplay, he started created costumes when he learned how to make masks and hats in his last year in kindergarten.

His quest really begun at the age of 18, through the Internet where he discovered what cosplay meant, met other cosplayers and participated in contests. With the experience he has acquired as one of the pioneers of the cosplay movement in France, Cosplay Quest has founded the association Cosplayeurs and Co. Through his association, he shares his passion.


Because of his age, Cosplay Quest considers himself an "eco-friendly" cosplayer, because at the beginning he has learned everything by himself, testing and using unusual materials, and recycling his own clothes or prospecting in supplies and materials businesses.

Come and see The Greatest Cosplay Show - 20th Anniversary Celebration, and watch Cosplay Quest's crazy performance!


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