Japan Expo Paris - July 4-7, 2019 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center
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Attendees’ Guide to Japan Expo

Checkroom? Cosplay changing facilities? Weapon replicas? Have a look at our Attendees’ Guide to find the answers to all your questions and get some help in preparing your visit!

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Going to Japan Expo

Japan Expo Paris is held at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center: you can drive to the festival or use public transportation.

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Going in

To enter the festival, you have to go through security check before joining the line corresponding to your type of ticket.

Click here for more about the way in

Security & forbidden items

Because of the current security level in France, the festival security rules are strengthened and the list of authorized items is more strict than usual.

Click here for more about the security measures and read the list of forbidden items 

cash desks & means of payment


The festival cash desks accept cash and credit cards.

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ATMs are made available to attendees at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center.

Click here to know about all the services available at Japan Expo 


3 checkrooms, managed by Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, are available: before security checks and inside the festival.

Click here for more about the checkrooms

cosplay changing facilities

Changing facilities are available for cosplayers before security checks, and then inside the festival.

Click here for all about changing facilities

foods & drinks


You can have lunch or a snack at one of the many restaurants at the festival or bring your own food.


Thanks to Japan Expo's partners, you can get good deals on your hotel room or a discount on a room at a local's!

Have a look at our Good Deals section (follow our news to know when it is updated)


Children are most welcome at Japan Expo! The entrance is free for under 8, a nursery is available to take care of babies, and activities are organized for children.

Click here for more about children at Japan Expo

first aid

In case of faintness or medical problem, contact the medical service, whose number is available on the festival map, or address a staff member.

Click here to know about all the services available at Japan Expo 

lost & found

Lost & Found are collected at the Information Desk (Point info).

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