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Both a chara-designer and a mangaka, Yûsuke KOZAKI is famous for the video games he’s worked on, among other works, on iconic licenses such as Fire Emblem, No More Heroes, and the recent hit of mobile games Pokémon Go. Don’t miss him as he will be attending Japan Expo 21st Impact!

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Yûsuke KOZAKI is a sort of jack-of-all-trades of Japanese pop culture, a mangaka and a chara-designer for anime and video games with some huge titles in the latter.

At 19, he won the Manga Young Talent prize of honor from the 215th edition of the contest organized by Young Magazine. Soon he was also rewarded by the Chiba Tetsuya Award which allowed him to publish his first shirt story, Mikakunin Higôshôjo Kaoru in Young Magazine. In 2002 his first series was published, Karasuma Kyoko no Jikenbo, which ended in 2012. In 2011, he launched a new series, Donyatsu, still going on. 


He started expressing his artist talent in anime and video games as a chara-designer in 2005. He collaborated with several animation studios, including Gonzo for Speed Grapher, a success with both the public and the media. After that, the studio Sunrise chose him for the chara-design of Intrigue in the Bakumatsu – Irohanihoheto. Lately, he’s worked on Human Lost, an animation film inspired from a novel by Osamu DAZAI, released in late 2019 in Japan. 

As for video games, Yûsuke KOZAKI started with Osu! Tatakae! Oendan, then Lord of Vermilion and the famous No More Heroes series for which he worked on three opuses, including the third and latest one to be released in 2020. Since 2012, he regularly appeared on the Fire Emblem series, with Fire Emblem: Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates, and lately Fire Emblem Heroes. In 2016, he collaborated on the mobile game that was to become a huge success, Pokémon Go, and in 2019 on the games Pokémon Sword and Shield. In the recent years, he also worked on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and AI: The Somnium Files.


Japan Expo 21st Impact is inviting you to meet this incredibly talented artist at the festival: he will be attending the festival all four days and holding signings and a conference followed by a live drawing!

Japan Expo 21e Impact - Kozaki [Announce]

Selection of works

Video Games

  • Osu! Tatakae! Oendan (2005)
  • No More Heroes (2007)
  • No More Heroes 2 (2009)
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (2012)
  • Fire Emblem Fates (2015)
  • Pokémon Go (2016)
  • Fire Emblem Heroes (2017)
  • Xenoblade chronicles 2 (2017)
  • AI: The Somnium Files (2018)
  • Pokémon Sword and Shield (2019)
  • No More Heroes 3 (2020)


  • Mikakunin Higôshôjo Kaoru (1997)
  • Karasuma Kyoko no Jikenbo (2002-2012)
  • Character Design Bible (2003, illustrations)
  • Tokyo Karasu (2005-2008)
  • Shutter Kill (2006, images et illustrations)
  • Donyatsu (2011-en cours)


  • Speed Grapher (2005)
  • Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (2006)
  • Soul Eater (2009, programme de fin)
  • Bubuki Buranki (2016)
  • Under the Dog (2016)
  • Human Lost (2019)

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  • Anime
  • Video games

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