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Japan Expo is glad to welcome, in partnership with Square Enix, the creator of Dragon Quest for the release of Dragon Quest Heroes: don’t miss him during Square Enix’s big event and meet him for signings!

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Yuji HORII is famous as the screenwriter and main creator of the Dragon Quest franchise. The Japanese RPG series started in 1986 and was a huge success in Japan. Yuji HORII also oversees to the many derived products of the franchise, among which the anime Fly or Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibôken, broadcast on the main French TV channel in the early 90s.

To sum up Dragon Quest in a few words, let’s mention 10 main episodes, including two worldwide success: Dragon Quest VIII for PlayStation 2 and Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS.

Yuji HORII is meeting his French fans for the first time at Japan Expo and is taking part in the SQUARE ENIX presentation on Saturday afternoon on the Také stage, to present his latest game, DRAGON QUEST HEROES, an action/adventure RPG set in the universe of the series.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet him for signings too and to play DRAGON QUEST HEROES for the first time in the Western world on SQUARE ENIX’s booth.


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