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Don’t miss Yu SUZUKI at Japan Expo: this legend of the video game industry is meeting you at a signing and a conference, the opportunity to go back over his impressive career and the much-expected Shenmue III!

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Born in 1958, Yu SUZUKI has become a legend in the video game industry. In the last 20 years as a game designer with SEGA, he has launched the creation of famous arcade games such as Hang-On, Space Harrier, Out Run, or After Burner.

A pioneer in the video game industry, Yu SUZUKI created Virtua Fighter, seen as the first 3D fighting game, as well as the innovative and very popular license Shenmue I & II, which defined the Open World genre. 

Shenmue3 Ryo & Master Trailer MAGIC2019

After he left SEGA, he created the studio YS NET and kept on building his legend in the history of video games, breaking the crowdfunding record for a video game with Shenmue III, the long-expected sequel that is currently being developed!

Come meet Yu SUZUKI at Japan Expo on Saturday: he’ll be holding a conference and a signing!


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