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Let’s discover WA-pop! A blend of traditional music and J-pop, WA-pop is duo SORGENTI’s very own style: the two brothers will unveil their songs at Japan Expo with live performances!

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SORGENTI is composed of two brothers from Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Mitsuhiro composes the music and his younger brother, Hiroshi, writes the lyrics. The name of the group is Italian for gushing spring, to be interpreted as creating and delivering music to each and every person’s heart.  

They created SORGENTI in 2007 and built up their career and fan base from their hometown. In January 2011, they released their first titles with a major and their debut live was very successful. After their debut, most of their releases ranked in the Top 100 of Japanese music and music store charts.

夏きにけらし / SORGENTI

In December 2014, SORGENTI was appointed Yamaguchi Hometown Ambassador and their title ALL OUT -Future Heritage- was selected as Yamaguchi Rugby Association’s cheering song. Then, they started to expand in the Asian market, participating in events in Taipei in 2015, in Thailand since 2016, and in Malaysia in 2019.

In 2018, the song MUGETSU has been picked up by the Japanese professional baseball team called Yomiuri Giants as their anthem. Their song Hototogisu was also nominated as the Japanese baseball team’s anthem in the World Baseball Classic.

Lately, SORGENTI is trying to share their blend of Japanese J-pop and traditional music – which they call WA-pop – and performances all over the world.

Don’t miss SORGENTI at Japan Expo and come discover their WA-pop music: they will be attending the festival on July 2 to 5 with live performances!

Japan Expo - Annonce SORGENTI

"Hello everyone! We are Sorgenti! On July 2-5 will be held the 21st edition of Japan Expo in France and we're glad that we will be part of it! Thank you so much! The Japanese tradition and the kokoro (spirit) of the Japanese are an inspiration fot he WA-pop genre which is the basis of our work. Meeting you at the festival, sharing with you the kokoro and the omotenashi (the Japanese spirit and hospitality), all those wonderful things... we'll give our best to share it all with you on stage, and we can't wait to join you there... and on Youtube! Like with our title Natsuki ni Kerashi, now on sale! If you have the opportunity to listen to it, we can party together when we meet! We'll be waiting for you at the festival! See you soon at Japan Expo!"

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