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Idol group Wi-Fi-5 has been popular since 2017 and has even been chosen to sing the ending theme of the anime Chi's Sweet Adventure. It is now coming to Japan Expo to perform live and to meet you!

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Wi-Fi-5 is an idol group which made its debut in 2017. It consists of international members, including Sae, Raimu SHIRATORI, and Nagisa TAKANO from Japan, Simon from China, and Claire Tomiko from the United States. The five singers made themselves known after winning Miss iD finals, a big and greatly covered audition in Japan.

Their first single, Hajimari No Courage, was realeased on November 8, 2017, and became the opening for the second season of the anime Elegant Yokai Apartement Life.

Last April, Wi-Fi-5 was chosen to interpret the song Nya-Oh! which is the ending theme of the second season of the worldwide known anime Chi's Sweet Home, titled Chi's Sweet Adventure.


The five passionate and motivated idols now sought to meet their international audience. Raimu SHIRATORI, Nagisa TAKANO, Simon, and Claire Tomiko thus invite you to discover them at Japan Expo during two showcases and meet them at signings and photocalls!

Find Wi-Fi-5 on www.arutemate.jp/wi-fi-5

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