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Kenjiro HATA

Kenjiro HATA is a mangaka and the author of Hayate the Combat Butler. He is at Japan Expo for the exclusive screening of the 1st episode of Seiyû's Life!, an anime adapted from the dôjinshi he illustrated!

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Born on October 19, Kenjiro HATA is mangaka. Though he had never been rewarded for his work, he succeeded in publishing his work in the magazine Shônen Sunday Super for the manga Heroes of the Sea Lifesavers.

Soon, he is also published for the first time in the magazine Weekly Shônen Sunday with the manga Hayate the Combat Butler.

He collaborated with Masumi ASANO, a children’s book illustrator and seiyû, to create the dôjinshi Seiyû's Life! inside the dôjin circle (fanzine authors) Hajimemashite。.

Kenjiro HATA is giving a panel at the festival and will attend the exclusive screening of the 1st episode of Seiyû's Life!

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