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Hiroki GOTO

Chief editor of Weekly Shônen Jump during one of its brightest periods, Hiroki GOTO is now releasing a book going back over this golden age, Jump – L’âge d’or du manga. In partnership with Kurokawa, he will be meeting you at Japan Expo at a conference and signings!

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Hiroki GOTO was born in 1945 in Tsuruoka, Yamagata prefecture. After graduating from Tsukuba University, he joined the Japanese publishing company Shueisha in 1970, where he was appointed to the editorial department of the Weekly Shônen Jump straight away.

In 1986, he became the magazine chief editor and remained at this position for seven and a half years, a period often called "the golden age of Shônen Jump". The most important print-run which he was there rose to 6.43 million copies, which laid the foundation for the highest print-run of 6.53 million which was reached two years later.

After being the director of Shueisha, he was in charge of Sosei Corporation (now Shueisha Creative), a sister company. He left the company at age 67.

Hiroki GOTO is considered as one of the modern founders of the Weekly Shônen Jump, as well as one of the makers of the boom of shônen

For the release of his book Jump – L’âge d’or du manga (Jump, the golden age of manga) with publisher Kurokawa, Hiroki GOTO will be attending Japan Expo: come meet him at signings on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and experience with him this golden age of shônen during a conference set on Thursday!


In partnership with Kurokawa

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