Japan Expo Paris - July 4-7, 2019 Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center
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Zen Tickets

Experience a stressless week-end, forget about everything, and enjoy 4 days to chill out. You have nothing to think about but having fun: your Zen Ticket is taking care of everything for you!

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Zen Tickets are sold out.

Your Zen advantages

4-day access & a Zen & Zen+-dedicated line

Your Zen Ticket allows you to go to Japan Expo all 4 days, using the line dedicated to Zen Ticket owners, so you have less waiting and avoid the crowd. 

Entrance before public opening

Your Zen Ticket is inviting you to be among the first to visit the exhibitors’ booths or to start shopping without having to wait in lines. You enter 30 minutes before everyone else, from 8.30 am*!
*On the first day, don't forget that you have to collect your badge before getting in.

Temporary exits

You need to go back to your car to put your shopping in it? to go out for a moment? You can thanks to your Zen Ticket: you can get out and back in as much as you like.

Event fast-passes

A dedicated line avoids you from waiting at the Ichigo, Karasu, and Yuzu stages. Forget about the stress of the lines and enjoy the cosplay shows, panels, screenings, and all the programming of the stages.

Restaurant fast-passes

You don’t wait in the restaurant lines when you’re hungry thanks to dedicated lines at some of the festival restaurants. Just show your badge and you'll get served.


Japan Expo is offering to all Zen Ticket holders a collector souvenir of the festival: the exclusive Japan Expo 2018 Zen badge, limited to 450 copies.
NEW! You also get a Japan Expo totebag.

Your zen ticket at a glance

Advantages        Zen Tickets
Access to the festival 4 days
Entrance before public opening 8.30 am, 30 minutes earlier than presale
Temporary exits Unlimited
Event fast-passes dedicated line for the Ichigo, Karasu, and Yuzu stages
Restaurant fast-passes Unlimited
Gift Collector Japan Expo 2017 Zen souvenir badge, limited edition, and a totebag
Quantity 1,000
Price €100
On sale on sold out

How to buy your Zen Ticket

To pick up your badge, you must show the countermark received by e-mail or available in your account on our website (print or smartphone); your countermark does not allow you to get in but only to pick up the badge).

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