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Cosplay shows follow one another but are never alike… Japan Expo proved it to you by the rich program of Ichigô stage, where the best cosplayers in France and Europe performed. Here are the results of the various competitions, and more in pictures!

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the cosplay photo album


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European Cosplay Gathering

11 countries, 35 cosplayers, 15,000 spectators: the European Cosplay Gathering finals attract the top of European cosplay, and the Japan Expo visitors follow the movement! You certainly got caught up in the swirl of costumes and performances, which were characterized by great fidelity to the manga, series or games from which they were inspired. The 11 countries in competition were: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Swiss and the United Kingdom. Here are the final results!

The finals – Season 5

France and Denmark achieved podium success in the solo and group categories. A really tight match since they both won a 1st and a 3rd position in each category! The Netherlands and Germany can also be proud of their 2nd position, respectively won in the group and solo category.

  • in the group category:
    • 1st: France with Van Helsing
    • 2nd: Netherland with Mononoke Hime
    • 3rd: Denmark with The Hobbit
  • in the solo category:
    • 1st: Denmark with Zone00
    • 2nd: Germany with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
    • 3rd: France with Metroid Prime
  • And the Best Wig Award by Arda Wigs:
    • UK for Dracula

​Prestigious guests had come together for the occasion, starting with the jury, among whom the cosplayers Yaya Han, Reika and Wirru. The event also had the honor to welcome YOSHIKI, the leader of the legendary band X Japan, who had come to announce the band's new album and upcoming gig in London. 

Congrats to all the finalists for their outstanding performances during the finals!


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French selections – Season 6

On Sunday, on Ichigô stage, the ECG French selections launched Season 6. The best French cosplayers paraded out with ardor and enthusiasm to try to become France’s representative for the next finals in 2016. The selected entrants are:

  • in the group category: Milou M. and Anne L. in costumes from the comics De Capes et de Crocs
  • in the solo category: Amandine G. as the Death Knight in World of Warcraft

The new Tales of ambassador

Since Friday July 3rd, Tales of, sponsoring game of the ECG, has had a new ambassador! The election took place on Kitsune stage. Koyo won the competition with his Asbel Lhant costume, from Tales of Graces. He will have the opportunity to travel across Europe to represent the ECG during several partner events organized around the selections. We wish him good luck for his tour!

World Cosplay Summit: the French selections

The French selections for the world’s largest cosplay gathering, the World Cosplay Summit, took place on Ichigô stage on Thursday, July 2nd, in front of an audience that wouldn’t have missed this event for anything! This year, 26 participants from all over the world are competing in Nagoya. France is represented by two talented female cosplayers, Lynah and Chibi Juice, who convinced the jury thanks to their poetic immersion in the role game Eternal Sonata

The World Cosplay Summit is held in Nagoya from July 25th to August 2nd… To follow all the news about it, you can go on this page: fr-fr.facebook.com/japanexpo​

cosplay shows


Japan Expo gave all motivated cosplayers two great opportunities to shine upon the stage! On Thursday and Friday, those could show on Ichigô stage the result of long months of hard work and act as their favorite character. Their performances were really convincing in the eyes of the jury and the public. Here is a list of the prize-winners:

  • Thursday – Group category, craftsmanship judging:

1- Frozen
2- Saint Seiya
3- Akatsuki no Yona

  • Thursday – Group category, on stage judging:

1- Super Smash Bros.
2- Dragons
3- The Legend of Zelda

  • Thursday – Solo category, craftsmanship judging:

1- Yoshimitsu
2- Avalon Code tied with Diablo III
3- League of Legends

  • Thursday – Solo category, on stage judging:

1- Captain Scotland
2- Once Upon a Time
3- Esdeath

  • “Coup de cœur” award: Sangoku
  • Forge Prize: Shunya Yamashita


  • Friday – Group category, craftsmanship judging:

1- The Nightmare before Christmas
2- 2NE1
3- Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Friday – Group category, on stage judging:

1- The Nightmare before Christmas
2- Guardians of the Galaxy
3- Pokemon

  • Friday – Solo category, both craftsmanship and on stage judging:

1- The Witcher
2- Avatar 
3- The Mask
4- Cremia

  • “Coup de cœur” award: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  • Forge Prize: Theoden
  • Noob Prize: Doremi



Japan Expo had the pleasure to welcome 3 distinguished guests from the cosplay world: Yaya HAN, Wirru and REIKA, that had come especially for you from the United States, Australia and Japan.

These experts, who have already designed and made hundreds of wonderful costumes, spent 4 busy days at Japan Expo, sharing with you their latest creations, being part of the ECG finals jury, and conducting workshops where you could get some really professional tips!

Besides those events, you could meet up with them on their booth, and even pose for a picture with them, to take back home a beautiful souvenir!



One thing is sure: the cosplay virus spreads out very quickly through Japan Expo alleyways! Over the years, we have been noting that more and more of you go for this artistic form and occupy the Kitsune stage that allows you to begin parading in front of the public without pressure! There, the friendly atmosphere that characterizes the festival in general and cosplayers in particular makes you feel good in your “new skin”! Many contests were also organized on that stage, with some shop points to encourage you.

You could also be stimulated by the associations which contribute to expand the cosplay fashion in France. AOI Sora Cosplay was there as every year, with its practical workshops and a very convenient innovation: an “SOS Cosplay” team dedicated to help you in case of an emergency related to your costume! League of Replica exhibited its armors and futuristic costumes much to the delight of science fiction amateurs. Shudan Pictures and EPIC offered you up their studio and professional photographers to immortalize you at your best!


On this occasion, we’d like to highlight the precious collaboration of EPIC without whom the cosplay shows and Kitsune stage would not be the same!

Finally, we are very grateful to all the cosplayers who transform the festival alleyways into an extraordinary world in which fantasy and real go hand in hand: keep up with your creativity and make us dream!



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