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All the answers to the questions you might ask about Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets!

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Postponement of the festival to July 2022

Q: I bought Zen or Zen+ Confort Tickets to Japan Expo for July 2020. What to do now that the festival has been postponed to July 2022?

A: Your tickets are valid for Japan Expo 21st Impact in 2022. In your personal account, on the website or the app, you'll find your new tickets with the right dates. Many thanks to all of you who kept their tickets and helped us through those hard times. 

General Information

Q: What’s the difference between Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets, and regular tickets?

A: Zen Tickets allow you to enter the festival earlier, the Zen & Zen+ Confort entrance opening at 8.30 am, and to get out and back in as much as you like all day long. Without a Zen Ticket, the entrance open at 9.00 am and any exit is final. Zen Tickets also include fast-passes for some restaurants and for the priority lines to the Ichigo and Yuzu Stages. Your Zen badge is also mailed to your home (if you live in Europe only and bought your ticket before May 31st, 2022), no need to queue to pick it up on the first day. 

Zen+ Confort Tickets offer the Zen advantages and exclusive contents specific to this ticket, such as the Japan Expo lounge and the buffet.

Q: How do I know when Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets are on sale?

A: Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets for Japan Expo 21st Impact will be on sale on October 1st, 2019 on our website. 

Q: Where can I buy a Zen or Zen+ Confort Ticket?

A: Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets are on sale on Japan Expo's website only.

Be careful with fraud. You can in no way buy a Zen or Zen+ Confort Ticket from a dealer. Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets bearing your name, it is impossible to sell them after you bought them from Japan Expo.

Q: When are Zen and Zen+ Confort Ticket sales over?

A: Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets are on sale until late June, provided that there remains some until this date. If the tickets are sold out before then, it will be communicated on our website.

Zen Tickets, and it's all the more true with Zen+ Confort Tickets, are usually sold out quite rapidly, so you should purchase them as soon as possible. 

Q: Do I have to buy a Zen Ticket first to book a Zen+ Confort Ticket?

A: No, Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets are two different types of tickets. You have to choose either one or the other.

Q: Is it possible to get a Zen or Zen+ Confort Ticket when you live outside France?

A: Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets are available to everyone, wherever you are!

Q: What do I have to bring on the first day of Japan Expo?

A: Zen & Zen+ badges are now sent to the postal address specified when you bought your ticket, some time before the festival, for all tickets bought before May 31st, 2022 in the European area. When arriving at Japan Expo, you will have to show your badge and some ID. 

For orders placed after May 31st, 2022, you must show the ticket received by e-mail and an ID to get your badge.  

Q: I can’t find any information about Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Tickets. Where can I buy one?

A: Only Zen and Zen+ Tickets are on sale now. The other Premium Tickets no longer exist. 

Q: I couldn't receive my badge and couldn't pick it up on the first day of the festival. Can I pick it up later?

R: Yes, you can pick up your Zen or Zen+ Confort Ticket any day of the festival from the Zen Desk in hall 7 if it wasn't sent to you by post. 


Booking a Zen or Zen+ Ticket

Q: What kind of information do I have to give when booking a Zen or Zen+ Confort Ticket?

A: We advise you to prepare your booking information (especially the photo) in advance to have all the elements ready. Some tickets are rapidly sold out.

You must provide:

  • An ID photo
  • Your last name and first name
  • Your birthdate
  • A mail address
  • A valid e-mail address

ATTENTION: if one of those elements is invalidated, your booking will be cancelled.

Q: What kind of photo do I have to send?

A: You must add an ID photo when booking your ticket with the following characteristics:

  • jpg or png only
  • recent, good quality, showing your face on and on which you're easily recognizable (no mask, no costume, no make-up hiding part of your face, no snapchat-like filters)
  • 300 pixel-wide and 400 pixel-high at least
  • portrait (larger in height than in width)
  • you're alone on the photo (no group photo or with your pets)
  • color photo (no black and white, no sepia)
  • no more than 500 ko

Make sure you're easily recognizable on the photo as it will be necessary to check your identity at the entrance. Otherwise, you may not be allowed access to the event.

Attention, don't upload the photocopy of an ID of an old damaged photo.

Q: How to pay for my Zen or Zen+ Confort Ticket?

A: The only means of payment is the credit card (CB, VISA, MASTERCARD).
Attention: keep your mobile close at hand when paying as you may receive a text with a code to validate the payment (3D secure). 

Q: Can someone else pay for my Zen or Zen+ Confort Ticket?

A: When booking, you must firstly give the information related to the Zen or Zen+ Confort Ticket owner, i.e. the person who will use the ticket. When buying four tickets, you must fill in the information of each holders. Then, in the second part of the form, give the information related to the buyer, the person paying for the ticket(s).
Be careful not to give the information the other way around: no changes can be made afterwards.

Q: Can I book several Zen or Zen+ Confort Tickets?

A: You can buy up to four Zen Tickets and two Zen+ Confort Tickets per order. You must have all the information for the owner of each ticket. All Zen and Zen+ Confort Tickets bear the name of their owner and require the latter's personal information at the moment of the purchase.

Q: When is my booking definitely validated?

A: The information you give in the form have to be validated by the administrator who will check it within up to three working days. Your payment will be cashed within seven days. The order is definitely validated when you get the confirmation e-mail and your ticket.

Q: It seems that the booking form has not been sent and/or the page takes much time to appear. Why?

A: Several thousands people sometimes try to get Zen or Zen+ Confort Tickets at the same time, which may slow down the access or the validation of the form.

Q: How to follow my order?

A: You know about the progress of your booking thanks to e-mails you will receive at each step as we deal with it. These messages being sent automatically, some e-mail boxes may consider them as suspect. Don’t forget to check your junk e-mails.

Q: When do I get my badge and what does it look like?

A: After you buy your ticket, you get a confirmation e-mail. Then, some time before the festival, you receive your Zen or Zen+ badge at home, at the postal address specified when you bought your ticket (if you live in Europe only and bought your ticket and received a validation before May 31st, 2022). Don't forget to take your badge with you at the festival!

If you bought your ticket after May 31st or live outside Europe, you will have to pick it up on your first day at the festival at the Zen Desk in hall 7.

Q: I bought a Zen Ticket, but my address has changed since then. What can I do to receive my Zen badge at home?

A: An e-mail will be sent to all Zen Ticket holders to confirm their postal addresses. You will just have to give us your new address before June 17, 2022, to receive your badge at your new home.

Don't forget to check your email and to send your home adress before June 17 to receive your badge at home (for orders placed before May 31, 2022)!

As a reminder, your Zen badge is sent to your home only if you live in Europe. Otherwise, you will have to pick it up at the Zen Desk in hall 7 at Japan Expo.  

Q: I didn’t receive the e-mail confirming the order of my Zen or Zen+ Confort Ticket. What do I do?

A: You should receive the e-mail confirming your order soon after the confirmation of your order on the website. If not, please check your junk e-mails as some e-mail boxes suppress these messages.

If you still don't find it, your ticket is also in your Japan Expo account on the website or on the app, in "My Tickets".

Other questions

Q: I have another question! What do I do?

A: You can read the attendees' guide and the other practical information here and the other FAQ sections. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, send us a message and we’ll find it for you! Use the "Contact us" section of the website and be careful when choosing the type of request, it will be easier for us to find the answer.

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