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Here, 'Nès and So' are inviting you into two diametrically opposed univers!

On one hand original works, on the other fanarts. Prints, stickers, keychains, jewel and original illustrations are waiting for you!

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'Nès likes to work on dreamlike universes, sometimes marvelous, sometimes nightmarish.

Mostly doing so-called 'traditional' technique, she mainly works in watercolour. She likes to represent human figures, at the edge of the monstrous or the strange. There is always a bit of magic in her illustrations!

She offers to sell you prints, original artworks and handmade jewelries.

~ ~

Meanwhile, So' is mainly a Fanartist, and usually works on the manga Haikyuu!!
She likes to tell stories even through unique illustrations. Digital illustrator, she also does fanarts in the traditional format, this time with more varied references.

She offers to sell prints, keychains, stickers and original artworks.

Look forward to meeting you!

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