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The Blind Box concept

Go to a collection containing 12 blind boxes. The concept revolves around the plot and the SURPRISE effect! Be careful, the desire to collect all the figurines quickly becomes irresistible!

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Pop Mart is a worldwide known family of blind box figures. The Pop Marts embody very different characters: SpongeBob, Dimoo, the DC Justice League or the Little Monk Harry Potter, etc. Pop Mart very regularly releases new and ever more original collections. In recent years, the surprise box giant has opened stores all over the world. Soon one in Paris?

On Fioko.shop we share these New Arrivals with you: Grab your blind boxes and expand your collection! See you in the Pop Mart section. New series are launched in China, France and the rest of the world. Many collections are made with the inspiration of great classic SAGAs (Adams family, DC Justices League) or world-famous artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat or Kenny Wong.

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