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Webring Leiji MATSUMOTO

Leiji MATSUMOTO, Harlock, Tochiro, Emeraldas, Maetel, Arcadia, Galaxy Express 999, Yamato, Rā metaru....

Are these names unknown to you?
A little visite on our stand will fix everything!

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Since 2003, the French-speaking Webring LEIJI MATSUMOTO (Webring.tokinowa.net) allows fans of the works of Leiji MATSUMOTO - from Captain Harlock/Albator to Galaxy Express 999, through all those who are sometimes unknown in France, to come together and unite their efforts to share their passion and make Leiji MATSUMOTO known in France.
While retaining great autonomy, it allows everyone to get involved according to the time available to them and especially according to their own aspirations. The French-speaking Webring LEIJI MATSUMOTO therefore creates a connection between people and also a better communication between webmasters of "Leiji-timates" sites and their visitors.
It also allows constructive contact between webmasters.
From this synergy came the "Leiji-Team", a small community of very active fans!

The exhibition

Leiji MATSUMOTO will be the guest of Japan Expo 2019!
Come and meet his work on our stand, which will offer you an exhibition retracing the origin of his inspiration around the theme of the centenary of the French Military Aeronautics Mission in Japan (1919-1920), produced with the support of Christian Polak and the Association for the Remembrance of the Faure Mission (1919-1920) (ASMF).

You will also meet artist Olivier Duhec (www.olivierduhec.com) and his bronze spaceship Arcadia (length 2 meters), as well as other of these achievements.

And of course, different support (goodies, figurines, creations and models, artbook, etc.) in exhibition, from the different universes created by Leiji MATSUMOTO.

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