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Wabi-Sabi: accessories

The Wabi Sabi area at Japan Expo offers an immersion into Japanese traditions thanks to many talented artists! Find on this page the different booths about accessories!

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Traditional Japanese accessories are very diverse! Inspired by ancestral techniques, the seasons or Japanese nature, they will charm you at first sight. Mizuhiki, tsumami, origami or koginzashi, so many techniques to create unique accessories, to be discovered at the Wabi Sabi area at Japan Expo!

  • ORIGAMIART - Origami accessories: Handmade origami accessories coated with varnish to increase resistance. Very light, the earrings swing around your ears!
  • Chitamaya - Origami accessories: Origami bracelets and hairpins of different types such as cranes, shurikens, butterflies, polyhedrons and stars made of various materials such as resin.
  • Swan's drop - Bamboo accessories: Original accessories made of bamboo, delicately laser treated. The design is bordered with geometric patterns, flowers and animals.
  • Felicita* - Tsumami-Zaiku accessories: Tsumami button work is a traditional Japanese craft. Try your hand at this practice to make flowers, birds and other pattern!
  • Rei - Alcohol Ink Art Accessories: Accessories and postcards made with alcohol ink. Many items with vibrant colours and a delicate beauty that captures the moment the ink flows!
  • *Green leaf* - Mizuhiki accessories: Mizuhiki (creation of volumes using braided paper cords) is a traditional Japanese art. Find accessories distinguished by their lightness and colours specific to Mizuhiki! Their design is perfect not only for kimono but also for dresses.
  • Dentoya Akatsuki - Tamahagane silver accessories: Discover Tamahagane accessories used for making Japanese swords and stationery. Their desire is to "sprinkle the techniques that have been passed down from ancient Japanese times into our daily lives", and to be closer to nature.
  • Kotoyuri - Tsumami-Zaiku accessories: Hair ornaments made from buttons are often used for celebrations in Japan. Kotoyuri's button work expresses the landscape, nature and heart of Japan on a small square of fabric.
  • Penteco - Resin Clay Accessories: Making accessories, buttons and various products from resin clay using the Kintaro-ame technique of "stick-shaped candy that shows the same pattern in cross-section".
  • Mizuhiki Ori-i - Mizuhiki Accessories: Mizuhiki has long been a decorative knot art used as a gift decoration to express the feelings of the other person. Discover accessories such as earrings, hair ornaments made of Mizuhiki, as well as bookmarks and pin badges but also wall decorations
  • Spoonsful - Pearls and embroidery accessories: Accessories such as earrings and rings made of pearls and embroidery. You can enjoy the seasons, flowers and rain with these sparkling and colourful designs that express stories.
  • Itomusubi - Kogin-zashi accessories: This work is a combination of traditional Japanese "Kogin-zashi" and traditional Norwegian "Hardanger" embroidery. They offer fashion accessories such as bags and clutches but also hair clips, coloured with different embroidery threads and fabrics.
  • Yuinobi Mizuhiki Art - Mizuhiki Accessories: Mizuhiki means connection between people "because it is difficult to untie what has been tied". Discover various products such as piercings and bracelets: accessories with designs adapted to modern life.
  • Arpeggio - Clay accessories: Earrings, brooches and other small items to discover. With motifs such as Japanese flowers and birds, they use kiln-fired pottery clay.
  • Irisium in Tokyo - Steampunk Accessories: Irisium in Tokyo makes unique accessories that combine the elements of nature and fantasy. The spring-summer range expresses delicacy, and the autumn-winter range expresses steampunk style and the night sky of winter.
  • Original Accessoiries Kôbô Ginshoku - Silver accessories: Original silver accessories such as rings and pendants with Japanese motifs, skulls and yôkai, produced in their Kyoto workshop.
  • Kogin pippi - Kogin-zashi accessories: Koginzashi is a traditional embroidery technique that was created by farmers in order to retain heat during the lack of materials during the Edo period. Find items such as accessories and decorative fabrics but also earrings and hand painted buttons.
  • QLP - Japanese style accessories: Accessories with Japanese motifs such as Hanafuda and Shogi, and postcards with pixel art. You can admire exciting works such as a treasure chest!
  • June Shop - Botaori Accessories: Fashion items such as dresses and shirts, and accessories using traditional Kagawa (Hotaori) craftsmanship that has been passed down from the Edo period. Made from cotton, they have excellent breathability, water absorption, and a beautiful waffle texture.
  • Yururi-to - Decorative knot accessories: The "decorative knot" is one of the traditional cultures of Japan. The string contains the vitality of nature, and expresses a wish for good luck. Find accessories such as hair clips and earrings, which are creative good luck charms themed on five events held at the turn of the seasons.
  • Temari no Wa - Temari accessories: Temari is a ball made of silk and traditional kimono fabric. Temari has long been made to wish good health for children. The round shape has the meaning of keeping things round safe and is used as a congratulation gift. Discover accessories such as rings, earrings and necklaces with beautiful designs.
  • Ericknoza - Mizuiki Accessories: Mizuhiki accessories such as earrings, necklaces and hair accessories.
  • Lightmill - Wooden Mosaic Accessories: Wooden accessories that combine different materials, born from the experience of woodworkers and jewellery artisans. Earrings, pendants, rings and pin badges can be found on their stand.
  • Am,,, - Banshuori accessories: Banshu Ori is cherished in the city of Nishiwaki (Hyogo Prefecture): a technique where the yarns are first dyed and the pattern is woven. Sale of earrings and necklaces made from Banshu woven threads and fabrics can be found at their booth.
  • Atelier Mizuki - Wooden objects: The kokeshi doll is a beautiful wooden doll with a spherical head, a cylindrical body and a gentle expression. Discover earrings and necklaces inspired by kokeshi! Accessories made with traditional techniques, with great wood processing, beautiful brush strokes and indigo dyeing.
  • Necklace workshop ! - Resin accessories: Dip art is an art made of wire and resin used to create transparent works. Lightweight, you can wear them without feeling them. Mizuhiki, a traditional paper craft, used to produce original "Ume-knot" and "Tone-symbol knot" works, can also be found at their booth.
  • Egaho - Kurume Kasuri accessories: Kurume Kasuri is one of the three main Kasuri in Japan, an important cultural asset and a traditional crafts. Kurume Kasuri was originally a kimono fabric, but is now used for clothing, bags, hats and shoes. Find Kurume Kasuri earrings, hair accessories and mask clips!
  • Ordinary - Mizuhiki Accessories: The more you pull on the Mizuhiki, the tighter it will be tied. It is said to be a vow for a long lasting relationship. Various items such as accessories, stickers and ornaments made with Mizuhiki are waiting for you at the Ordinaire booth.
  • Rina Uchiyama - Cotton Accessories: They make works of art from pieces composed of 500 colours and sell a wide variety of accessories featuring the four seasons. Discover the delicate handiwork by winding one by one "100% cotton made in Japan" thread around a Hinoki.


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