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Kyoto is inviting on its booth at Japan Expo to enjoy the cultural history of a city which has always moved with the times! For the occasion, it is enriched with traditional objects and presents the Gion Matsuri!

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With more than 1,200 years of history, Kyoto has a rich cultural heritage. This city was the capital of Japan from 794 to 1868 under the name Heian-kyo (capital of peace). Kyoto had to face many disasters like the Ônin war, a civil war. During this one, Kyoto was burnt and devastated. The restoration of the city lasted until the end of the 16th century. Under World War II, Kyoto was targeted by the United States with an atomic bomb. In the end, at the insistence of Henry L. STIMSON, Secretary of War in the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, the city was removed from the list of targets and replaced by Nagasaki.

Nowadays, Kyoto is a major tourism destination with its 2,000 places of worship like shrines and temples or castles with beautiful gardens. In 1994, 17 shrines in Kyoto were listed as UNESCO World Heritage places.



An exceptionnal program is waiting for you on their booth:

  • a show with Geimaiko
  • the painter Tsutomu HIRAO is performing live drawing and holding workshops all 4 days and all day long (more about his schedule here
  • the actors of Toei Tsurugikai are inviting you for an explosive show of chanbara
  • a promotional exhibit on the Kyo-Maf event, a festival of anime and manga (from Thursday to Sunday)
  • traditional culture is pride of honor with a dance performance with kimono by the KyoKomachi odorikotai troupe (from Friday to Sunday)
  • live-drawings and traditional Japanese painting workshop by Ecole Rimpa with a master (from Thursday to Sunday)
  • live-drawings of caricatures with mangaka (from Thursday to Sunday)
  • lessons about how to wear a kimono with Paris Komachi (from Thursday to Sunday. Limited to 75 participants per day)
  • Gion Tsujiri's tea won't hold any secrets from you if you participate in a tasting session
  • you are also inviting if you want to know more about Kyoto or the way to participate in an exchange program


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