Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022


The SAIKO ! JAPAN area is back at Japan Expo, with nearly 30 Japanese companies displaying their products, an exhibit, guests and above all, a stage with a busy schedule!

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In Japan, saiko means “at the highest”. And all the exhibitors present at the SAIKO ! JAPAN area are highly happy to see the Japanese culture being so welcomed in France. Nearly 30 Japanese companies participate at Japan Expo on this area. They display their activities or their products, and above all, they share with the attendees all the details about their country, their traditions and their modern and pop culture.

The SAIKO ! JAPAN area also has its own stage: read the programme of the SAIKO ! STAGE on this page. Also, find out more about the tourism booths here and about the traditional booths here.

And here are the SAIKO ! JAPAN area booths, in connection with the traditional culture.

Focus on pop and modern culture

Hatsune Miku exhibit - Crypton Future Media (booth BJ46)

The virtual singer Hatsune MIKU makes her first explosive European apparition at Japan Expo. The booth presents Hatsune Miku, with music and illustrated works inspired from her creations.

Gakken Marketing (booth BJ37)

The booth offers you Japanese products that have to do with the history of Japan of with manga, books and magazines. The main attraction of this booth is a replica of a warrior armor: don’t forget to come take some pictures!

Japan Culture Station (booth BI45)

Le stand vous fait découvrir deux artistes bien ancrés dans la culture japonaise : Yuki TOKUNAGA, un jeune chanteur d’enka très populaire ; et 326 (Mitsuru), un véritable otaku qui dessine, écrit des poèmes et des livres, et crée des jeux.

mameshiba (booth BI49)

Mameshiba was created 7 years ago. This strange creature isn’t a dry bean (mame in Japanese), nor is it a dog. It’s a character that suddenly appears in front of you to teach you a bunch of things. Come meet him!

Miru (booth BJ43)

The daily disposable lenses like you’ve never seen before: with a packaging about 1mm thick, Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack is the lenses that has the most thin packing in the world. You can see it at Japan Expo!

Hiroshi Kamiya & Daisuke Ono : Dear Girl ~Stories ~ (booth BJ45)

Find out about the radio program animated by Hiroshi KAMIYA and Daisuke ONO, two very popular seiyû, presented for the first time outside of Japan! You can see the DGS articles only available in Japan. Answer the poll and win an exclusive fan!

Bokete (booth BI 47)

Bokete is a collective contents’ platform based on the creativity of craftsmen and on an evaluation system. These contents will make you laugh in only 3 seconds, so come discover them!

Sago New Material Guitar (booth BI37)

Sago celebrates its 10th birthday this year. Come see electric guitars and basses made with the help of innovative techniques and with elements of the Japanese traditional craft industry, and also the artists who use them.

Manga Stamp Rally - Shachihata Inc. (booth BG40)

What’s a Manga Stamp Rally? It’s a game whose aim is to stamp all the all the documents dispersed at Japan Expo. All of the stamps gathered allow you to discover an unpublished story of Fairy Tail. Come join this searching game.


Aside from the premiere of K MISSING KINGS on July 5, the booth has T-shirts, CDs and the original soundtrack of the movie, as well as many exclusive goodies. The first visitors of the booth can take a picture with the famous cosplayer KANAME.

Workshift (booth BJ51)        

A website to simply find Japanese manga and anime draftsmen: it allows to view samples of their works, to choose a draftsman and to contact him.

Tohan Corporation (booth BJ49)

Tohan Corporation is a literary agency. It deals mainly with the publishing of manga translated into a foreign language, and also present works to foreign publishers.

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