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The SAIKO ! JAPAN is back at Japan Expo, with nearly 30 companies displaying their products, an exhibit, guests and above all, a stage with its own programming!

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In Japan, saiko means “at the highest”. And all the exhibitors present at the SAIKO ! JAPAN area are highly happy to see the Japanese culture being so welcomed in France. Nearly 30 Japanese companies participate at Japan Expo on this area. They display their activities or their products, and above all, they share with the attendees all the details about their country, their traditions and their modern and pop culture.

The SAIKO ! JAPAN area also has its own stage: read the programme of the SAIKO ! STAGE on this page. Also, find out more about the tourism booths here and about the booths on pop and modern culture here.

And here are the SAIKO ! JAPAN area booths, in connection with the traditional culture.

Focus on the traditional culture

WABI SABI area - Biken International (booth BN33)

With its headquarters in Tôkyô, the Biken International Company distributes throughout the world the Japanese traditional culture and regional products. At Japan Expo, they offer you the WABI SABI area: 840 sqm, shows and more than 70 animation booths. A journey into the heart of Japanese culture!

Japanese dishes - Culture Japon S.A.S. (booth BH49)

The Japan Culture shop is situated at the ground floor of the House of Japanese culture in Paris (MCJP), and offers all kind of articles: books and products that have to do with Japan. The Japan Culture shop also is the place of many events organized by the MCJP.

Jômon Musee Japan (booth BJ41)

The culture of the Jômon period is very ancient and grew all across Japan between the years 13.000 and 300 B.C. The figurines and the pottery of that time somehow possess a mysterious charm: that’s where Cool Japan has its roots. Come and discover this fascinating culture!

Kobee Beef – Giraudi Meats (booth BI53)

This unique meat, coming from pure breeds of Japanese black and raised in the Hyogo district, give a rare gustatory experience to those who have the opportunity to taste it. Come learn some more about this delight made in Japan.  

The Ef TOKIO workshop (booth BN29)

Live your dream of wearing a traditional kimono with the same ease as if you were wearing a dress. Taking advantage of the colors, the models, the textures and the quality of the original kimono, the workshop Ef TOKIO makes dresses, jackets, night dresses and even wedding dresses.

Nagatanien & Kisshoan (booth BM28)

Taste the Japanese flavors: founded in 1953, Nagatanien is one of the main food companies in Japan: come taste the ochazuke (green tea rice), a traditional dish really enjoyed by the samurai at the time; Kisshoan Kyoto is an old wagashi shop (Japanese pastries) that uses the traditional techniques of 15 generations.

Otogino Kuni (booth BJ 39)

A big success in Japan! Discover the traditional articles and typically Japanese products that will make you dream, like the wonderful cherry tree that blossoms in only 10 hours when it is watered with magical water.

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