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Take a break and relax: the Institut de Reiki will be welcoming you to unveil the benefits of this natural method of well-being.

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Reikiology, the professional study of reiki, is a psychoenergetic practice that helps managing your mind and internal breaths. As a meditative relaxation technique, it helps to let go of all tensions and find one’s energy, to feel relaxed and revitalized. Reiki is a natural practice based on social sciences. It has been proved efficient against stress and to improve well-being.   

Try reiki!

30-minute long relaxation sessions are offered to the festival attendees by the practitioners at the booth, volunteers from the Institut de Reiki and traditional reiki French federation (F.F.R.T.)


What happens during a reiki session?

The patient lies all dressed up on a table and closes their eyes. They let everything go. Meanwhile, the practitioner lay his palms on specific spots of the body (head, chest, stomach, legs, feet…), with a very light touching. At the same time, the practitioner enters a meditative state specific to the Institut de Reiki.

In some sort of resonance, the patient enters their own meditative state. As a result, the tensions of body and mind let go.



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